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  1. Hi Johan, This widget doesn't really apply. What I'm talking about is more about scheduling and adjusting a schedule based on projections and current progress. The burndown seems to be just another way of seeing how many bid hours are left, as opposed to where we are in relativity to the deadline and how we should be reacting (e.g, larger crew size to reach deadline, on track, etc.) -Phil F
  2. Hello! In order to visually see the progress of a project in relativity to its' bid or estimate, I think having two bars (as opposed to the one start-end date bar on the gantt per task) on the gantt would be useful. Perhaps the estimate being more transparent than the actual. Right now, you have to cross-reference a lot of info to see how things are going (bid hours, worked hours, shot info, etc). In order for this feature to be useful it needs to be simple to look at at one instance. Also, I think Ftrack could have the capability to use predefined bid hours on tasks to estimate the necessary crew size for a project based on deadlines. It would be an extremely useful feature for production management. Just an idea for now, but if there are ways to achieve this currently let me know! Thanks, -Phil
  3. Voted on Trello, but also want to say here that this feature is necessary for a production with multiple department heads. Otherwise, the manager role is essentially useless in larger productions and clutters their inbox. -Phil F