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  1. Hi Simon, The tasks view makes the task columns redundant (as they display no data in tasks view); the goal is to have each shot horizontally displayed, like a progress bar throughout the tasks per shot. Thanks, -Phil F
  2. Hello, When creating a tasks view with task attributes, the tasks within a folder are stacked on a seperate row than any tasks not in within a folder. This makes the view very clunky, and requires the user to collapse and expand folders all the time to get them to appear in the task attribute columns. Is there a way around this? Thanks, -Phil F
  3. Hello! As there is the 'any' condition in the advanced filter window for tasks, it would be nice to have the ability to also apply it to shot (or any other object) queries as well like in the 'All' condition dropdown. Currently I have to disable and enable my complex shot queries one at a time to get the total results I need, then add them up manually. Thanks! -Phil F
  4. Hello! I'm currently reading documentation on the API/Event listeners, my goal being to have an event listener watch for the first activity on a shot (Whenever the shot is marked 'In Progress') and automatically populate the start date accordingly. I'd like to achieve this so our schedule/overview can be automatically populated, with the end date being auto-populated by the bid hours. My question is, once I figure out the way to do it, will it be populated retroactively? When I run the action will it populate all the start dates that aren't already populated? If not, is this possib
  5. I find as a production manager, looking at the crew's timelogs (through the 'reports' page) at once isn't as clear or efficient as it could be. Making a dedicated dashboard for this that included more features would help.
  6. Hello! While using the overview and creating events, we found there is no way to indicate clearly that someone is using 50% of their time on something. (E.g. '4 hours effort'). In order for a manager to quickly see who they can assign tasks to, they need to see if someone is full-time, half-time, etc. on an event or task. It's tedious for the manager to have to double-click each event and find the hours allocated per day. For now, the workaround is to put '50%' in the title of the user-specific event. Is there any way to do this? Thanks, -Phil F
  7. Hello, A coworker brought up today that it would be useful to sync or be able to export one's schedule with Outlook/Thunderbird/etc to Ftrack. I was thinking it might be achievable in a similar fashion to the excel import in the tasks view, but in the context of events (Rows/Columns of event name, time, users assigned, etc); just to make it easier to manage and not have to be manually inputted, especially when someone has several meetings that need to be scheduled daily. Thanks, -Phil F
  8. A potential workaround would be to group by Assignee or Status, this way only the tasks and links show up in your export without the parent objects.
  9. Just gonna +1 on this as this is still the case with PDF exports. Needs to be simpler visually and compact information, no need for overarching folders or shots when you can find this info within the name or link.
  10. Hi Johan, This widget doesn't really apply. What I'm talking about is more about scheduling and adjusting a schedule based on projections and current progress. The burndown seems to be just another way of seeing how many bid hours are left, as opposed to where we are in relativity to the deadline and how we should be reacting (e.g, larger crew size to reach deadline, on track, etc.) -Phil F
  11. Hello! In order to visually see the progress of a project in relativity to its' bid or estimate, I think having two bars (as opposed to the one start-end date bar on the gantt per task) on the gantt would be useful. Perhaps the estimate being more transparent than the actual. Right now, you have to cross-reference a lot of info to see how things are going (bid hours, worked hours, shot info, etc). In order for this feature to be useful it needs to be simple to look at at one instance. Also, I think Ftrack could have the capability to use predefined bid hours on tasks to estimate th
  12. Voted on Trello, but also want to say here that this feature is necessary for a production with multiple department heads. Otherwise, the manager role is essentially useless in larger productions and clutters their inbox. -Phil F
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