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  1. @Martin Pengelly-Phillips - Not running our own media server. I've figured my issue out for the most part, but either the disabling of deleting components through the web app or an emission of some kind of event would be best for caching.
  2. Hi Mattias, any update about the ftrack.location.component-removed topic not being emitted? Thanks, Kat
  3. Hi, is it possible to delete saved import column mappings? I can't figure it out if so. Kat
  4. Thanks, Mattias!! It also looks like ftrack.location.component-added events are not sent when a component is added using the legacy API. Is this intentional? I can work around it, as all things *should* be converted to the new API anyway, but I was cheating with some farm processes. Kat
  5. Hi, I'm working some more on caching, and I just discovered that it looks like when a component is deleted from an asset version using the web application, it does not trigger an event to the topic ftrack.location.component-removed. Am I missing something or is this correct? We are on version 3.3.25. Thanks! Kat
  6. Hi, These filters are really cool. Is it (or could it be) possible to refer to the user's own id in a filter query? For example, if I input the filter query for a Shot: children.appointments.resource_id is '72d53164-66b8-11e3-a80c-000c29912c4e' and that gives me all the shots that have tasks that my user is assigned to, which has been requested a lot here. If instead of specifying the id, it could be something like user.id, I could share this filter globally and a lot of people would be so very happy about it. Kat
  7. Hi Lucas, Good to hear it's planned - I can leave the legacy calls for now. Just accessing roles would be sufficient. For example, our task creation tool checks to see if a user is a project manager or admin before even presenting the UI. No point in allowing a normal user to load it as they can't create tasks. Thanks, Kat
  8. Hi, I can't seem to figure out how to access the roles for a user in the new API. Is there a way to do this, or is that a feature still to be implemented? Thanks, Kat
  9. Hi, Is it possible to add a setting to limit the maximum file size for file uploads using the web application? People here have been uploading extremely large files (~100 MB), which uses more of the disk space on our server than is ideal and these files often crash the browser before the web app can even load them. Thoughts? Thanks! Kat
  10. Hi guys, Is there a way to check when a user last logged in to the web app or last accessed the API (either/or, not both)? If not, might this be possible to implement in some way? Being able to access this data would be very useful to me, because I'd like to confirm that users occupying our licenses really are all actively using them. Thanks! Kat
  11. Hi, It looks like the API doesn't support getting the typeids for Phase objects. Is there a workaround for this? Might it be implemented in future? It would be very useful. Thanks! Kat
  12. Hi, I just noticed that component metadata is no longer displayed on the components tab on the side panel. Have you seen this behavior before? Is not displaying component metadata anymore intentional? I checked to make sure metadata has definitely been set on many existing components, and the web app doesn't display the data for any of them. Thank you! Kat
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