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  1. Lucas Correia

    Slack User Group

    Invited! / Lucas
  2. Lucas Correia

    publish version with description on multiple lines

    Hi Remus, Thanks for reaching out. There is currently no support for formatting version description/comments. We plan to move to markdown for task and version descriptions in the future. Regards, Lucas
  3. Lucas Correia

    Images in session review

    Hi, The is what what we refer to as an event listener. An event listener is a small python script that can be used to subscribe to changes in ftrack and perform custom logic such as updating a status, starting a external process or triggering a user interface. Here are some useful resources for setting up an event listener: Developer hub with introduction to the API How to subscribe with the API Information about the update event Example event listeners An event listener can be deployed centrally on a server (typically separate from the local/on-prem ftrack installation), or the user's machine if it needs access to it. In this case, you will want to have one instance of the listener running centrally. You can run the event listener from the command line: python You can also register the event listener as a plugin. For more information, see the links above. You can use something like Supervisor or Monit to monitor and ensure the event listener is always running. Regards, Lucas
  4. Lucas Correia

    client reviews - address book

    Hi Margot, For the next iteration of the client review interface, we will make it possible to add previous invitees by searching for them by name. Further down the line, we may also introduce a way to view and manage all external collaborators/clients. Thanks for the feedback! Regards, Lucas
  5. Lucas Correia

    Slack User Group

    Hi Chris, You should have received an invite now. Regards, Lucas
  6. Hi Emi, Thanks for the feedback! Currently it is only possible to mark new note as completable, but not a note written by a client when transferring it. I agree that this would be a very useful feature and will bring it forward to the team. Thanks, Lucas
  7. Lucas Correia

    Budget from project length

    Hi Patrick, It is unfortnatly not possible to use information in calendar events inn the spreadsheet / custom attribute expressions. More information about expression custom attributes can be found in the documentation here. One possiblibility is to develop a custom action to calculate and show the information you want. More information about actions is available at Regards, Lucas
  8. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response on this. I don't see a reason why changes to `TypedContextLink` shouldn't emit update events. I have added a bug task to look into this. Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Lucas
  9. Lucas Correia

    Limiting a Custom Attribute to Specific Asset Types

    Hi Remus, I don't believe there is any workaround for this. You can group the custom attributes to make it less confusing for users, but will still show up for other asset types. Regards, Lucas
  10. Lucas Correia

    Slack User Group

    Invited. Regards, Lucas
  11. Lucas Correia

    no actions are displayed!?!?

    Hi Kariem, Are you launching actions for a task in ftrack? Could you send your ftrack Connect logs to You can find the logs by following these steps: 1. Open the Connect service menu 2. Click on About 3. Click on Open log directory 4. The name of the log file is ftrack_connect.log Regards, Lucas
  12. Lucas Correia

    PDF - Failed Export Jobs

    Hi, Can you reach out to us at and let us know which account / organization you are with and refer to this post and we'll investigate your issues. Regards, Lucas
  13. Lucas Correia

    Ftrack Feedbacks

    Thank you for the feedback! We will take your feedback into consideration as we improve the review interface in the future. Regards, Lucas
  14. Lucas Correia

    External Data in User Interface

    Hi Christian, Thanks for the feedback. To display some information from an external system in ftrack, I would recommend writing either an action or a custom widget. You can read more about actions and custom widgets in the following blog post: Another way to display external data is with a dynamic enumerator. The dynamic enumerator custom attribute can be used to be able to select information available in external systems. Read more about dynamic enumerators in the documentation: Regards, Lucas
  15. Lucas Correia

    Permissions for shot status change and task assignments

    Hi, The permission "Can change status of a task" controls the ability to change statuses of both tasks and other objects, such as shots. I'll bring this up with the team to clarify the situation and see if we can expose seperate permissions for other objects. The ability to assign tasks is controlled by the permission "Update objects". It is currently not possible to allow users to assign tasks, without giving them permission to update other object attributes. Read more in the documentation: Regards, Lucas