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  1. ftrack rv integration

    Hi, For the issue with the task being directly on the project, you will need to re-publish a new asset for the issue to disappear. Technically, the Asset's parent can not be a project, it must be a TypedContext-derived object (e.g. Folder, Shot). If you open the version in the sidebar you can see this as "Linked to". The server error occurs because no version is loaded in the right pane. It is unfortunate that a generic server error is shown, instead of a more appropriate message. I will report this as a bug. You can see no version is loaded as "No data found" at the top,. To be able to write notes, you must have a version in the right panel. I believe this might be related to the first issue. Try the following, Right-click "Animation1 v2" in the versions spreadsheet and select "Review -> Play selection in RV" Once RV and the integration has loaded, double-click the thumbnail in the bottom panel to load it in the player and right panel. Regards, Lucas
  2. ftrack rv integration

    I've done some more investigations on my end, and I suspect that the issue is caused by a combination of two things: The version is published to a task which is in the project root. The task is being launched for review. The issue is caused by legacy logic in how the versions are being fetched. To work around the issue, you can either open the versions directly (from the version's sidebar with Assetversion at the top, select More -> Launch RV), or publish the version to a task within a object (e.g. a shot or asset build) in the project hierarchy. Regards, Lucas
  3. ftrack rv integration

    Hi, If you are able to launch RV with the integration from ftrack Connect, but not via the review menu, that seems to indicate that either the legacy Python API or credentials has not been made available to the integration. See the getting started instructions here. No versions found seems to indicate that there are no versions published linked to the selected task. Can you try opening the Asset version directly, to verify if that works?
  4. User connection with IP restriction

    Hi SMontel, Sorry for the delayed response. There is currently, no way to configure IP restrictions from the web interface. Please reach out to us at via email to to discuss the possibility of adding such restrictions. Regards, Lucas
  5. Import CSV in nested folders

    Hi Francois, My response was a bit unclear, let me try again. For the workaround to work, you will need to select Folder_*1*, and include Folder_*2* In the mapped data. See the following screenshots: Regards, Lucas
  6. Import CSV in nested folders

    Hi Francois, Thanks for reaching out. As you've guessed there is currently a limitation in how objects are matched and there is currently no way to match a type of object twice. As a workaround, would you be able to select "Folder_1" in the project outliner and importing only the items within that folder? Regards, Lucas
  7. NukeStudio getting registered twice

    Aha, that would also cause this issue. No problem, and thanks for following up.
  8. NukeStudio getting registered twice

    Yes, you are correct in that that is the reason. Since we discover plugins for both the new and the old API in connect that check is necessary. Looking at the code it looks like the plugin might be registered twice if the FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH is pointing to a path that is already included in either FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH or the default ftrack-connect-plugins directory. Is this the case for you?
  9. Version create new task thumbnail

    Hi, Thanks for reaching out. It is possible to achieve your desired result using the API and an event listener. There is actually an example, Event listener: Cascade thumbnails, that does exactly this. Some useful resources: Developing - events Python API Regards, Lucas
  10. NukeStudio getting registered twice

    Hi Toke, The hook for the Nuke Studio action includes a check to verify that it is only registered for the new API (see source here). Have you set any of the following environment variables on the machine when launching connect? FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH Regards, Lucas
  11. ftrack-connect-nuke opening "Import Asset" bug

    Hi Toke, I've reproduced the issue and added a bug task to address the issue. Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Lucas
  12. Tracking in ftrack's Activities every ftrack entity change

    Hi Remus, Thanks for the feedback. We have some plans to provide more extensive audit options in ftrack and extend the information available in the Activities tab. In the meantime, it is possible for developers to access more activity events through the API. Regards, Lucas
  13. CineSync and Ftrack

    Hi, The action was removed from ftrack connect package 0.4.1. Starting with CineSync version 3.7, ftrack support is included and you no longer need to start cinesync as an action. Read more at about the cinesync-ftrack integration at I believe the action in the video is from the older integration available at the repository you linked to, which is no longer supported. I will update the repository info to reflect this. Regards, Lucas
  14. video resolution

    In terms of functionality, the both versions are pretty much equal. The only difference between the two is that encoding service used for encoding videos and images for review when uploaded to the web interface only works with the cloud version. For local installations, we ship with a simpler ffmpeg-based encoding approach for videos, and provide an example event listener for marking compatible images as "web reviewable". Regards, Lucas
  15. video resolution

    Hi Pawel, Thanks for reaching out. The compression setting currently only affects encoding for cloud-hosted instances, and there is no supported way of controlling the quality and resolution of the encoding process for local installations. I would recommend you to look into avoid the built-in encoding and publish the files for review using the API instead, which gives you full control over the quality and size of the media. If you have any more questions related to this, feel free to reach out to us via support at as well. Regards, Lucas