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  1. There is a useful thread here for this:
  2. Nice mockup! I would suggest for backend, that we can reference git repository online and offline for this.
  3. Ahh, I see. Yeah, you can do that. You can also have a separate python script in the same folder as "", which contains "modify_launch ". Which might make it easier to update "" in the future. Or have a completely separate folder with "modify_launch " which is added to FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH. This way is probably better if you are working with git.
  4. Do you mean you added that to ?
  5. Cool Let me know if you have any issues.
  6. Hey, Noticed on long action labels, the text gets cropped off. See attached image.
  7. I've found that if this value is not set to True, then the version won't show up in the Ftrack UI. The version will still exist in the database though.
  8. Hey, I was wondering whether Nuke 11 is officially supported? I have seen various commits/branches on Bitbucket about it, but an initial test showed that Nuke crashes when trying to show any of the "Asset Manager" or "Asset Importer".
  9. You cannot (as far as I know) name the tasks in the templates. This was one of the reasons why I created
  10. Good point! We'll probably use that then instead. Specifically we are using, where we allow the users to specify the version number, but we can just -1 internally as a way to let the plugin know to create the next available version.
  11. Hey, If you have an entity selected in overview, then right-click > Actions on a different entity, you will get the actions for the selected entity and not the entity you right-click on. Either the behaviour should be that right-click selects as well, or right-click > Actions will know which entity is right-clicked on.
  12. I thought this was the intention, so we are using it as a feature. If we want to create the next available version, we set the version to 0 when creating the asset version. It would be nice to still retain this feature somehow. Maybe -1 would make more sense for this? Or a dedicated method or argument for getting the next available version number.
  13. Is your ftrack-connect tray icon also not showing? We are having the same issue with a custom build of ftrack-connect, but haven't figured out where the problem is.
  14. Has this issue been resolved? If not, would it be possible to update this thread when its been looked at?
  15. What platform are you on? LOGNAME is what ftrack-connect uses to identify your username. Just set this environment variable, and it should work.
  16. Awesome, thanks @Eric Hermelin Guessing these bug tickets are not publicly available? Are you able to post here when the issue is resolved?
  17. Hey Eric, We are on Ftrack v3.5.9.4568 and ftrack_api v1.3.3. Just tested it some more. Seems I get an event on every entity but project entities.
  18. Hey, When changing an hierarchical custom attribute, I don't seem to get any event published that I can subscribe to. Could anyone else confirm this?
  19. You are right! Setting it to the videos frame range made it work in the client review session.
  20. Hey Jerome, That is an interesting idea. Could I ask how you envision this working out for the end user? And what kind of action do you think will be used for this?
  21. Hey, Got a request to have hours on the My Tasks page.
  22. After further investigation, we found that it varies between machines, so maybe its monitor display problem?
  23. Hey, I have noticed a difference between the colors displayed in the Web Player and DJV/Nuke. See The movie displayed in DJV (left) is warmer/more red than the Web Player (right).
  24. Yup, the same version can't be frame stepped in client review, but can be frame stepped in the web player. Yeah, its got the metadata (see attachement). Although the frame in/out are not floats. Would that matter?
  25. Its only in the client review sessions. The web player works with frame stepping.