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  1. Hi, I'm attempting to send notes from an API user to use as a custom notification. It shows up in the sent items area of the inbox, but doesn't appear to the recipient. What am I missing here? The below method worked very well for my other tool of mass writing notes on an episode, the only difference being it's not being appended to task['notes'] this time. Create Note with content and author Create NoteLabelLink with note_id and label_id (set to "Notification" note label) Create Recipient with note_id and resource_id (the user) Commit session To provide a bit of background, I'm trying to make something where artists can subscribe to certain status changes on items (eg. animators want to know when a rig is updated). An event listener will detect that and send them a notification, I'm just a bit stuck on the notification part.
  2. I like the API but I'm not a huge fan of writing the queries as text, so I made something a while back using inspiration from SQLAlchemy. As a very quick example, if the original code is this: episode = session.query('Episode').first() task_link = session.query('select link from Task where (name not like "%task%" or name is "new") and is "{}" order by name descending'.format(episode['id'])).first() It would be constructed like this: task_link = session.Task.where( or_('%task%'), name='new'), parent=session.Episode.first(), ).select( It's able to do everything I've come across so far, if anyone is interested in using it the github page is here.
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    Cancel the query

    You could perform the connection and query in a thread (or process), so if the user makes an amendment, just terminate the thread and spawn a new one.
  4. Our company has recently started making a move from ProofHQ to Review, but people have having trouble when notifying others, starting from about 2 weeks ago. As far as I'm aware this is only happening with Review and not Studio. This is from one of the producers: It appears to affect both the website notifications as well as emails, but it's very inconsistent and affects different people each time. The producers are having to write separate emails to follow up since they can't currently rely on the notifications. Is this likely something on our end or not? I've attached a couple of images to show the invites are saying they've sent, and the users notification settings are as expected.