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Found 14 results

  1. Our company has recently started making a move from ProofHQ to Review, but people have having trouble when notifying others, starting from about 2 weeks ago. As far as I'm aware this is only happening with Review and not Studio. This is from one of the producers: It appears to affect both the website notifications as well as emails, but it's very inconsistent and affects different people each time. The producers are having to write separate emails to follow up since they can't currently rely on the notifications. Is this likely something on our end or not? I've attach
  2. It would be most useful to be able to have clips plays through when loaded into the client review the same as in Web Player. An option to move to next clip in options drop down, so would have: loop, single play and play next.
  3. Probably a big ask from a technical perspective but an incredibly useful feature in Review would be to wipe between two loaded versions in Ftrack Web Player. If wiping isn't possible, even a key press to quickly switch from version A to version B during playback would be helpful.
  4. Good afternoon, we would like to use the Autodesk RV Player to review AssetVersions linked to a task. These are opened by launching the corresponding hook via web-ui on a selected task. "ftrack_rv_api.py", which comes with the ftrack-plugin for RV, loads two widgets from ftrack (images added as attachments). We noticed, that the 'versions' tab is not showing other versions, if the AssetVersions linked to the task, have different names. As soon as the names is equal and only the 'verion'-field for the AssetVersion differs, the version-field in the RV-widget works as exp
  5. Hi! The main image format we use on our projects is the exr (as a lot of other studios I believe). We also sometimes use tga files too. Unfortunately, it seems that those formats are not compatibles with Ftrack : they have no thumbnails, and they are not playable in reviews. According to this thread and the documentation, the only supported file format are .png and .jpg. Do you think the support of other image format - especially those that are widely used in the industry - could be added to the upcoming functionalities? Thanks!
  6. Hi, if I'm not mistaken (I have made several tests) when playing a version (either by playing it directly on Ftrack on in a session review), the file played in the web player is not the original deposited file but the mp4 preview version encoded by ftrack. I suppose that the aim is to save bandwidth, but this can be inconvenient as a client will not see the original file but a lower quality one. Would this be possible to chose which version is played, both directly in Ftrack and in a client review?
  7. Hi, I have searched trough feature requests on the forum and on trello, but it seems that this feature has never been suggested, so here it is : we would be interested in a way to automatically notify (with an email) our clients when a new file is added to a active client review. If would be ideal if this feature could easily be turned on or off in the right pane of the session (in order not spam clients when adding a lot of files to a session).
  8. It would be easier to select the versions you want and switch to review in web or RV player thought a simple Alt-1 or Alt-2 instead of the current 3 step Right Click, review, Play. I'm also missing a way to update the Version Status in Thumb Layout and not only in Spreadsheet Layout Thnks
  9. Hi We would like to be able to provide the users of the review page, the ability to run some of our actions. It would seem there is no place currently for running actions on either the right hand panel or on multiple selected versions on the bottom panel. Could I request some ability to add user actions here? Thanks Phil
  10. Hi there, Would it be possible to have a VR checkbox in the version viewer and web player to view the uploaded versions(360 mono/stereo, left right/top bottom, stills/footage) in 360?
  11. HI, I have to say that I'm struggling a lot with implementing use of review option inside our studio for Supervisors and for clients as well. Let me first explain a bit how we work at our studio so you get better understanding of my problems. 90% of our workload is TVC. Timeframe for such projects range from 2 days to 3 months, but usually it is around a week to 10 days. Depending on the complexity I divide a commercial on shot and add tasks to those shots. If the project is very simple and done by 1 or 2 people, I usually just add tasks like Compositing, 3d to the root of th
  12. HI, I've got a problem with some logical usage of ftrack in commercial workflow. Maybe you guys can help me out with that. I cant find a way to do that. Since we do mostly tv commercials - the lifespan of a project is from 3 days to 2-3 months. Sometimes there is just 1 artist needed, other bigger projects require 10+ users. So in easy project I do not divide 1 commercial into more than 1 task - for example ONLINE/COMPOSITING. That is easy to manage, even if we got 2-3 edits in one project I go very small hierarchy. Then when part of the work is finished they guy uploads a video for re
  13. Hi! We are currently testing Ftrack in our workflow, and I'm wondering if its possible to publish renders directly from within Hiero for web reviewing? Regards,
  14. HI guys, I've just run into a problem with ftrack revew in that when you draw on a frame and add your comment there's no way to know what frame it was taken from. This is really annoying, especially when you have animation that repeats itself and you don't know what frame the comment came from. I guess there's a few ways to implement this but it's something that has caused confusion with working on a task. Any advice?
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