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I made a class for building the query strings


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I like the API but I'm not a huge fan of writing the queries as text, so I made something a while back using inspiration from SQLAlchemy.

As a very quick example, if the original code is this:

episode = session.query('Episode').first()
task_link = session.query('select link from Task where (name not like "%task%" or name is "new") and parent.id is "{}" order by name descending'.format(episode['id'])).first()

It would be constructed like this:

task_link = session.Task.where(
    or_(~entity.name.like('%task%'), name='new'),

It's able to do everything I've come across so far, if anyone is interested in using it the github page is here.

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Hey Peter, nice work! I've been thinking about something like this myself--I love tab-completable everything and am excited to give this a try.

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