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Found 5 results

  1. Our company has recently started making a move from ProofHQ to Review, but people have having trouble when notifying others, starting from about 2 weeks ago. As far as I'm aware this is only happening with Review and not Studio. This is from one of the producers: It appears to affect both the website notifications as well as emails, but it's very inconsistent and affects different people each time. The producers are having to write separate emails to follow up since they can't currently rely on the notifications. Is this likely something on our end or not? I've attached a couple of images to show the invites are saying they've sent, and the users notification settings are as expected.
  2. Does there exist a detailed explanation of the logic behind Notes visibility by hierarchy and default notifications? This is what we observe: Notes appear to be generally revealed upwards in the Hierarchy. If "Notes" panel is viewed on a project all notes will be visible from every subordinate object. When viewed on a task, only notes input on that task are visible. Correspondingly, notifications appear to default to those users assigned to an object. This seems pretty straightforward. Notes that are entered on a version appear to propagate up through that task; every version associated with that task will share notes in the notes panel. Generally in our studio, versions are what receive notes. A version is associated with the parent task to which it is published, however Notes on the Task will not propagate downwards to the versions' note panel. Notification seems to only generate for users assigned to the task that published the version. This means that a version with other dependencies will not reveal notes to artists working on those other tasks. My questions are: - Are notifications generated for members of a team assigned to a parent shot or sequence when any activity occurs on subordinate objects? Ex. If Comp Team #2 is assigned to shot 001_001, then will every member of comp team #2 receive a notification for any note activity on any subordinate object of 001_001 by default? - Do task dependencies propagate notes from the dependent versions to other tasks in the pipeline or is there a way to achieve this through the API? Ex. 001_001_Final Comp v005 published to task "Compositing" receives notes that effect all the following tasks on the same shot "Tracking->Animation->Lighting->Compositing". Artists associated with all of those tasks need to see those notes. Is the only way to manually input them on each affected task? Notes on the shot level will not generate a notification or be visible on the tasks without navigating upwards. - Do asset Dependencies propagate notes from the dependent versions to tasks/assets used in the version? Ex. 001_001_Final Comp v007 published to task "Compositing" receives notes that affect the linked asset "Hero_Robot" containing associated tasks Modeling->Texture->Rigging. Will or can those notes be visible on the linked asset? - Are there any "baked in" exceptions to the rule that notes propagate upwards in the hierarchy?
  3. Hi, When receiving a notification from ftrack via mail, we are getting the logo included as an attachment. In the list of all emails all those mails appear as they contain an attachment and they do not - just the logo-email.png . How can we get rid of it? It is confusing since you have no idea if mail actually contains an attachment.
  4. Subject line says it all. How do I make sure that I get notified when my collaborators with a 'user' role asigned change status of a task. I am the admin of the project. I notifications if they send me an note.
  5. Hey Guys, Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it, but is there a way to get a notification when a client is finished with a review session. Currently I have to keep checking the review session and click on 'Transfer Feedback'. It would be great if there is an automatic way of alerting an admin of new client notes. Thanks!
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