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It is not something we have on the roadmap right now but I will make sure we have a proper feature request for it. 




Lets say our admin deleted a complete folder instead of only one tast, is there a way to undo that mystake? Undo or history of action seems to us absolutely necessary. Being admin doesn't protect you from mystakes. 


When you say folder you mean a folder item in ftrack? 


When this happens by mistake is it completely unintentional, like clicking the wrong buttons? Or is it more that you changed your mind / or mixed up the names of what you intended to delete? 

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Hi there everyone,

Andrew from the ftrack support team here. We realise this is an incredibly important request for a lot of studios and given how long it's been around, we hate that we haven't gotten to this sooner. I wanted to provide a transparent update where we are currently at with this request.

I realise this started out more as an undo request for annotations (which is now possible), but has since morphed into a request for the ability to undo deletions across the board. Like most of you, we're totally with you that it can be a frustrating experience when someone accidentally deletes something only to find theres no way to revive it.  The thing that's been holding us back up until now is unfortunately some technicalities with how we store data on the backend. There's a trade-off we have to consider of allowing someone to delete the data (which keeps the database optimal and running performant) or putting checks in place to recover deleted data, but at the risk of the database becoming bloated).
One of the ways we've discussed that could potentially avoid this is to have a concept of a trash can that will auto-empty after a certain period of time (a.k.a 1 week). This way we almost solve the best of both problems, whereby we allow users the flexibility to recover an item once its deleted, but only within that set timeframe (which keeps the database from getting bloated) 
We'd love to hear from our community, do you think that this approach might be suitable? Our thinking here is that people will only really want to recover something soon after they've deleted it, or do you think a timeframe like that would need to be longer? 
Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you have. 
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