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  1. Hey little "UI/UX" request. I think it would be nice to display the "asset" metadata, on the asset version sidepane in a seperate section. Cheers Johannes
  2. Should we turn this into a feature request ?
  3. we also use one session across threads and I am constantly running into the same behavior. As a workaround I am setting the auto_populate attribute to True at many places as this seems to be setting itself to False when the same session object is used from multiple threads...
  4. ok, I am having sessions that change their "auto_populate" value to "False" somehow... I cannot get my head around this, but setting it to "True" right before a get does do the trick. I just fell because I was using task.get("parent") and the pointer on task was not using my global session object but a copy of it, hence I had to set ```task.session.auto_populate = True```
  5. Are you also getting SYMBOL(NOT_SET) errors from session.get from time to time ? this clearly states if the cache does not provide an answer then a query is issued... but I am often confronted with symbol(NOT_SET) instead...
  6. Hi Mattias, I ll give this a shot, nevertheless, would you also say nested projections like entity.attribute should be serialized in encode ? Cheers Johannes
  7. I was wondering if a query with projections, that contains values from a projected entity like,, should be included in the encoded version of that data ? Via session.encode(queryResult) ? Was thinking to use this to store those on QtUserRoles as the ftrack_api objects wont work there... but I would then love to have the projected values in there.... Cheers Johannes
  8. is there news on this topic ? From the docs it reads as though it was possible, only I need to loop through all parents myself, But I cannot even see hierarchical attr in the custom attributes keys ... cheers
  9. Yes, this is our ftrack timeLogger at the moment and yes I think the same functionality would be benificial. Some artists have tasks that can be done sub 30 mins, still we want them to be able to log time in a not super exact manner but easiliy. With the current web ui the main block is the task selection in the time sheet overview, sure if an artist starts/stops his timers correctly, but I am constantly failing in doing so From my experience timelogging is never easy and the biggest problem is imho that the way people need to do it is too complicated. With Thorstens suggestions above asking users what they did and so on is also a bit too "big brother" like for me personally... (sry Thorsten) Since we have the timeLogger app artists can do there timeloggs in the evening in a breeze, once we get the "show me all tasks I have worked on today" function (including a timing suggestion) in there I guess it will be even faster... cheers Johannes
  10. One should be able to use the middle mouse on everything to open in a new tab
  11. I shamelessly would like to see features of my timelogger in ftrack. - multi selection of tasks and configurable default values - we have the choice to either say "I worked on these 3 tasks for 9 hours" and each task will get 3 hours or one can just pick values for each one (but if more than one is selected they all get the same value) - those can be easily edited afterwards - next thing is to parse the user logs per day and then the timelogger will make a suggestion for the day which is editable before submission -
  12. have support for user stored custom filters per entity.