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  1. Hi Mike, We usually try to get this into the release notes for each version. But I will do my best to add new information here as well. /Johan
  2. Hi, Thanks for sending this in. I have added this as a feature request. /Johan
  3. Hi, This enhancement is in the list for upcoming release(s). Can't say when we can expect it, though. /Johan
  4. JPrydz

    No metadata on Ftrack list type

    Hi, Thanks for sending this in. I have informed development about your request. So let's see what they can do. /Johan
  5. JPrydz

    Failed to connect to event server

    Hi, What kind of issues did you see when going to 1.0.1? Let us know and we will do our best to help you out. /Johan
  6. JPrydz

    Button label on form

    Hi, This unfortunately not possible right now. But it's a very good enhancement, so I have added it as such. Let's see if we can get this into the product. /Johan
  7. JPrydz

    Pre-projecting nested data

    Hi, As mentioned earlier, this needs to be done with two queries. Do you think that would be ok? /Johan
  8. JPrydz

    Unpersisted operation

    This has been resolve in the support channel. Cause and solution can be different depending on multiple factors. In case of similar behaviour, please contact ftrack support.
  9. JPrydz

    Ftrack local installation

    Hi, Could you please send this question to /Johan
  10. JPrydz


    Download 2.1.0 What's new Fix Hiero shot template discovery Add support for multi track Add support for token resolution in component names How to install stop ftrack-connect-package remove previous nuke studio plugin from : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package Known issues and limitations Not supported (hence discovered) on Nuke studio/Hiero >= 11.3vX due to changes in nuke studio basecode. we are in contact with foundry to understand how to better fix this.
  11. JPrydz

    Get all users which did not track their time

    Hi Remus, Correct, right now there is now export on that report. But your suggestions have been noted, so let's see if either a choice for report will be added. or maybe the filter solution mentioned initially. /Johan
  12. JPrydz

    No metadata on Ftrack list type

    Hi Remus, There are no plans right now to add this. What kind of data would you be saving on ListType? /Johan
  13. JPrydz

    Asset count by Shot

    Hi, Sorry, no builtin way to accomplish this, right now. You might be able to do it with an action or a widget using the API. Please just let us know if you want directions on this. /Johan
  14. JPrydz

    Unable to connect to the server

    Hi, Saw that this was sent in as a support ticket. Will continue there. /Johan
  15. JPrydz

    "Upcoming Dates" UI improvements

    Hi, We have noted this and added a feature request. So let's see if we can get some additional configuration into upcoming version(s). /Johan