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  1. Hi there, At the moment you have to download them one by one. But we have a feature request for a solution to download all items at once. Regards, Johan
  2. Hi there, This has been added as a feature request. Regards, Johan
  3. Hi, Yes, you should see it on tasks that has notes added to them (the task itself). Regards, Johan
  4. Hi Christophe, Yes, we are working on enhancements to the internal review as well. Regards, Johan
  5. JPrydz

    Authenticate a user

    Hi John, I transfered this to the Support channel. Need some more information on what you want to do. Will continue there. Regards, Johan
  6. Hi Alex, I transfered this into the Support channel. Sent you an update from there. Regards, Johan
  7. Hi Marcell, The possibility to add attachments to the notes is not present, at the moment, in the new Review interface.If you need this, there's a possibility to switch back to earlier Review, in System Settings/Review/Settings.The possibility to attach will make it into new Review as well.Can't say exactly when, but will do my best to update here when we have more information. Regards, Johan
  8. Hi Chris, Thanks for your input. We do have a feature request for this here: Unless you already have voted, please do. Is it ok if I add your feedback to the request? Regards, Johan
  9. Invited! Regards, Johan
  10. Hi John, No problems. Thanks for updating. Regards, Johan
  11. Hi Phil, Thanks for your feedback. We are looking at enhancements on this. I have added your input to the request. Regards, Johan
  12. Hi Jules, Can't give any exact time for this right now. But will do my best to update here, as soon as I have more information. Regards, Johan
  13. Hi Laura, The possibility to make changes to objects is set with the permission "Update objects (sequence,shot,task)".If it's disabled you should get the message "Permission denied". Regards, Johan
  14. Hi, I will transfer this to the support channel. And update you there. Regards, Johan
  15. Hi there, That should reflect notes on the task. Could you please verify that? Regards, Johan