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  1. Hi there, Welcome to the forum. You should be able to get the values for that. Could you let me know how you are using them, when not getting a value back? More information can be found here: Regards Johan
  2. Hi there, As Erik mentioned, we do have this as a feature request. I will add your feedback to that task. Regards, Johan
  3. Hi Sanchia, Welcome to the forum. Development is looking into this behaviour during autumn. Looking at enhancement on the filters. Will update as soon as we have more information about the progress. Regards, Johan
  4. Hi Flavien, Could you elaborate on what's going wrong? Are you getting problem with thumbnail_id? The example has been changed. Regards, Johan
  5. Hi Adam, Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the feedback. We are discussing changes to the inbox. I have added your input to that task. Regards, Johan
  6. Hi Paulo, Thanks for updating. Good to hear that it works. Regards Johan
  7. Hi John, Couldn't see the image, but think I understand from the subject. There's no possibility right now to disable uploads to the web gui. But we have seen this request earlier and are discussing a change in this behaviour. I will add your feedback as well. Regards, Johan
  8. Hi John, Development will start looking into this behaviour and the current limitation. I will update as soon as we have more information about the progress. Regards Johan
  9. Hi John, Thanks for updating. Regards, Johan
  10. Hi John, Ok, so you have created new objects with certain custom attributes that you would like to use? The spreadsheet functions are available on task attributes. A change of this behaviour has been considered. I will talk to the team about it. Regards, Johan
  11. Hi John, The spreadsheet Functions are available on tasks. Could you please verify that you can see the menu there? Regards, Johan
  12. Hi Rick, I will contact you regarding this, through our support channel. Regards, Johan
  13. Hi John, Yes, correct. This can be done on "Team" on the project. Regards, Johan
  14. Hi Janine, The import will look at the value. So if you want cloth in your example, value1 should be entered in the scene render import column. Could you please test that and see if it works like you want? Regards, Johan
  15. Hi Tony, You can have multiple connections against the Eventhub. Are you having multiple scripts using connections against the hub? With the same account being used for the connections? We recommend passing auto_connect_event_hub=False when creating a session if the event hub is not going to be used: We can look further into this, but need some more information. Would it be ok to continue in the support channel? Regards, Johan