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  1. Hi Jules, Thanks for your question. This particular feature is being worked on. Can't say for sure, exactly how it will look. But we should see the functionality in future version(s). Regards, Johan
  2. Hi Georgea, Thanks for your question. This is a valid request, being considered for future version(s). Can't give any guarantees, though. Regards, Johan
  3. Hi Jules, Tasks are moved/dragged one by one in the view for "My Tasks". Regards, Johan
  4. Hi Max, Welcome to the forum. I will transfer this question to our support channel and get back to you there. Regards, Johan
  5. Invited! Regards, Johan
  6. Invited! Regards, Johan
  7. Hi, The user info is stored as metadata on each note. And: note[“metadata”][“inviteeId”] should give you an id that you can query for using session.query(“ReviewSessionInvitee where id is <inviteeId>“) Hope this helps. Regards, Johan
  8. Hi, Yes, the fact that you can't see this feature should depend on your version. From our release notes for version 3.5.26: Added ability to hide closed lists from the left navigation menu Regards, Johan
  9. Hi, This is a valid request that is being considered for future release. You can add your vote here: Regards, Johan
  10. Hi Duncan, Ok, sounds like you're able to proceed with your actions. Let us know if you have any further questions. /Johan
  11. Hi Peter, Will get back to you through the support channel. Regards, Johan
  12. Hi, When this feature was tackled, it was implemented according to the feedback given at the time. We are looking at improvements, but can't say for sure when we will see it in the product. Regards, Johan
  13. Hi, As seen in this document: the default value has been increased to 1M in version 10.2.4 and later. So still an upper limit, but quite substantial increase from earlier version. /Johan
  14. Hi, Yes, the field description should be part of the invite mail. Unfortunately it's not there right now, but this has been fixed in the code. So we should see this in future release. Regards, Johan
  15. Hi, So, you mean like image below? In the invite mail? Regards Johan