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  1. Invited! Regards, Johan
  2. Hi Francois, This sounds strange. And I can't seem to reproduce what you mention. Or maybe I have misunderstood. Could you provide us with some screenshots on what it looks like when you set it up? Regards, Johan
  3. Hi Konstantin, Thanks for the valuable feedback. I have added your comment to the feature request. Regards, Johan
  4. Hi Francois, Sorry for late update. Yes, the way this works today is that you will see time for the account, independent of the project. This is not really expected behaviour, so I have reported it to development. Regards, Johan
  5. Hi, Thanks for the update. Regarding tasks: Task is the leaf object, so no object can be created on tasks. Regards, Johan
  6. Hi John, You can find information about locations and structure in the following documents: Hope this helps. Regards, Johan
  7. Hi John, You can also add your vote on our roadmap: Regards, Johan
  8. Hi Francois, The User breakdown report will show time for accounts that are assigned to tasks on a project. So in your example I assume that Daniel is assigned to tasks on "PROJECT", even though no time has been reported on that project in April? Regards, Johan
  9. Hi, Thanks for sending this in. Looks like an unexpected behaviour. I have reported this to development. Regards, Johan
  10. Hi John, Thanks for sending this in. I have reported this behaviour, so let's see when we can get a fix. Regards, Johan
  11. Hi John, You should be able to override that, see this example: So you can either move the hooks out and fix, or fix them in place. Moving them out, if in a network shared place would also fix for other users. Regards, Johan
  12. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. We have made enhancements to this area in the product ftrack Review and these enhancements will also be available in upcoming release of Studio. You should be able to clear pending annotations and remove any attached annotation before posting the note. This is done by pressing the trash can in the annotation toolbar in internal review, in client review press the undo/reset annotation icon. You can find current keyboard shortcuts here: Regards, Johan
  13. Hi Ozen, Thanks for your question. It's not that uncommon that there's a template project in place. So you can simply copy/paste objects from one project to another. As long as the schema for both projects are compliant. Hope this helps! Regards, Johan
  14. Hi Phil, Ok, sorry if I misunderstood. When you look at the Gantt chart you will see the progress of each tasks logged time. In purple, turning to red in case "Worked hours" exceeds "Bid hours". You can also switch to see the status of each tasks by choosing "Progress/Status" in overlays. Hope this helps. Regards, Johan
  15. Invited! Regards, Johan