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  1. Hi Ozen, Yes, this is being investigated. We should have more information during Q1 2020. Regards, Johan
  2. Hi Andrea, Thanks for valuable feedback. We are looking at enhancements on this, so I have added your input to that task. Also, I moved this thread to ftrack Studio/Feature requests. Regards, Johan
  3. Hi, You mentioned statuses - could you elaborate on that? Depending on the use case, there might be other possible feature enhancements involved. Regards, Johan
  4. Hi Angelique, Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sending this in. You should be able to use "Adjust to bid" on multiple tasks. So I have reported this as a bug. We will look at a fix for the behaviour. Regards, Johan
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks for reporting this. I have reported it to the team as a bug. You can send bug reports to support if you want. Regards, Johan
  6. Hi Alican, Are you experiencing an empty box for actions or no box at all? When you look at others, where it works, are you in the same project and same context? Regards, Johan
  7. Hi Andrea, Thanks for reporting this. Seems that the dashboard is not using correct time for the date. I have reported the behaviour to the team. Regards, Johan
  8. Invited! Regards, Johan
  9. Invited! Regards, Johan
  10. Hi Francois, Thanks for the kind words regarding 4.3. And for the feedback on notifications. We are looking at some changes in that area. So I have added your input to that task. Thanks again. Regards, Johan
  11. Hi Eric, If we look at the example from the video, it will use the information in the csv and set the structure according to the setting in: System settings/Workflow/Objects You can create your own objects and the objects can be dragged to new position according to your needs: http://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1043966-managing-objects If you want to change something on a current object, using csv, you need to reflect the structure. So to add a description to already created task "compositing", in this example: You could use a csv like this: And get the result: Hope this helps. Regards, Johan
  12. Hi Jakub, Thanks for the information on this. Fixed in 4.3.3. Regards, Johan
  13. Hi there, This is not supported in current version. But we have it as an enhancement request. Regards, Johan
  14. Hi Eric, I just tried this and it seems to work well for me. Could you let me know a bit more how you do the import? Regards, Johan
  15. Hi Eric, Thanks for the update and feedback. I have added your input as an enhancement request. So this will evaluated by the team. Thanks again for your input on this. Regards, Johan
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