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  1. Hi, New version is on its way. Where we have the following enhancement on Overview: "Color your timeline content based on project, type, status or priority" More information in the release notes. Regards, Johan
  2. Hi, New version is on its way. Among other things, support has been added to upload attachments when adding feedback in a review. Regards, Johan
  3. JPrydz

    Faster querying

    Hi Jakub, Thanks for updating the thread. Regards Johan
  4. Hi Phil, As you mention, the any condition is only available on tasks. Could yo maybe use advanced query instead: Regards, Johan
  5. Hi there, Welcome to the forum. In case you have looked at this document: it is aimed for local installations. Can I ask what files you are looking at storing on S3? Is it for the storage location? Regards, Johan
  6. Hi Fridtjof, Welcome to the forum. Those spreadsheets are actually a bit different. Although they look very similar. So, as you have seen, autosave is only available on Tasks tab. At least for now. Regards, Johan
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. This has been discussed and we have a feature request for it. Added your input to that task. Regards, Johan
  8. JPrydz

    Gantt Chart - export

    Hi Chris, You can retrieve the underlying data with a script and put together a report yourself if you want. An example is available here: Regards, Johan
  9. Hi Julian, I will need some more information from you regarding this. Will get back through the support channel. Regards, Johan
  10. Invited! Regards, Johan
  11. Hi, The filter that you need requires multiple queries. And the web gui can't handle that, at the moment. This is something that we are aware of and that's being discussed. Can't giva any guarantees, but hopefully we could get even better possibilities for queries in future release(s)of ftrack. In the meantime, as mentioned by Julian, you could use the API. Regards, Johan
  12. Hi Paulo, You can't do it exactly like that. But you could maybe use a query filter: Using "DAYS", like in this example: > "{DAYS(-2)}" Regards, Johan
  13. Hi Julian, Thanks for updating. Good to hear that you found what you need. Regards, Johan
  14. Hi Julian, It is currently not possible to customize the create project dialog using configuration. You can however replace the create project dialog using a custom action: It is technically possible to build a custom create project dialog using the default as a base, as that is open source. Regards, Johan
  15. Hi Paulo, North Star shouldn't be added to the project in that way (because of the role). But should get access to the project when tasks are assigned to that account. If you assign a task to this account, do you see it in the list of people on the project? When you assign/unassign tasks to this account, do you get notifications? Regards, Johan