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  1. Hi! The main image format we use on our projects is the exr (as a lot of other studios I believe). We also sometimes use tga files too. Unfortunately, it seems that those formats are not compatibles with Ftrack : they have no thumbnails, and they are not playable in reviews. According to this thread and the documentation, the only supported file format are .png and .jpg. Do you think the support of other image format - especially those that are widely used in the industry - could be added to the upcoming functionalities? Thanks!
  2. This is a good idea that we are also looking forward to use. Here is a current use case we are facing : we are working on a show that contains several episodes, and we are working on different episodes simultaneously. When creating a client review that contains shots from different episodes, we would like to be able to group those shoots depending on the episode they belong to. Right now, we can instead create a client review for each episode, but as AlbertoGz said, this would lead to a huge list of client review thus a huge number of associated mails.
  3. Understood. Thank you for the feature request.
  4. Yes, I would like the slate to be added when uploading from the Web UI. I would need it to be possible when publishing from a Ftrack plugin too.
  5. Hi, we need to add slates to every video (from animatics to final renderings) on some of our projects. The first frame of every video is left blank intentionally. The slate would contains various data such as the project name, the episode number, the sequence name, the shot name, a thumbnail, etc. Here is an exemple of what this could look like: As such a process is really cumbersome, I would like to make it automatic. So here is what I would like to happen : when uploading a version on a given Ftrack project, the file would be "intercepted" before the encoding job starts. A frame corresponding to the slate would be created and added to the vidéo, replacing the first frame. The encoding job would then start normally. Do you know if such a thing can be done with the API? Would this require us to run a Ftrack instance on our own server, or would this be feasible on an hosted instance?
  6. Hi Lucas, yes, I was indeed doing it wrong : I was selecting Folder_1 in the main spreadsheet instead of in the project outliner. The workaround now works, thank you. Are there chances that you will be working on an improvement that would allow us to match a type of object twice during CSV imports?
  7. Hi Lucas, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, the workaround you propose doesn't seems to work. I have tested twice to be sure. By doing so, I obtain the exact same result as in my second screenshot.
  8. Hi guys, I'm facing an issue while trying to import CSV data into nested folders. Let's say I have this arborescence in my project : Now I want to create a shot with two tasks in the folder named Folder_2 Here is the CSV I'm importing : Folder Name,Shot Name,Task Type,Task Name Folder_2,Shot_1,Modeling,Mod Folder_2,Shot_1,Matte painting,Mat Even if I'm selecting the folder named Folder_2 beore importing, here is the result : I have also tried with the folder's full path (Folder_1/Folder_2), but this does no work either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is apparently no way to import data to existing nested folders for now. In fact, it seems that is it not possible to import data elsewhere than to the first entity of a hierarchy if two or more entities of the same type are nested in said hierarchy. Could a simple path (relative or absolute) system be implemented to overcome this issues? Here is what I think the CSV could then look like : Folder Name,Shot Name,Task Type,Task Name Folder_1/Folder_2,Shot_1,Modeling,Mod Folder_1/Folder_2,Shot_1,Matte Painting,Mat
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a way to get the total number of hours allocated to a user (so the sum of bid hours for all this user assigned tasks) on a given project. In the Report → Workload spreadsheet, we can see the total number of hours allocated to a user on the Allocated column, but there is no way to filter this information by project. In the Report → User breakdown spreadsheet, the time interval is limited to only a month, the total amount of time for a user is not displayed, and the data displayed are only tracked ours and not allocated hours. In the Report → Project breakdown spreadsheet, the total number of hours is shown, but the time interval is also limited to only a month, and the data displayed are only tracked hours too. Am I missing something or is this not possible right now?
  10. That's right, identifying the target of the link could not be obvious. Right now, I d'ont really see any other way to do this than the one you propose (I believe you mean with it's full path, since the project root). Do entities (and by entity I mean anything that we can create : sequence, task, version, ...) have a internal unique ID that is not exposed to the users? I do not meant that the way of creating links is tedious, but the fact that it wasn't easy to go from a version to its related task. Here is what i was I was looking for. I believed that this would have been displayed in the Links tab of the version. I must admit it is not very intuitive the first time, as it is a link, but displayed elsewhere. My pleasure!
  11. Hi, I have two suggestion about the way links works. We have been using the import functionality recently. It worked great and saved us a lot of time, but I couldn't manage to find a way to create links while importing data, and I believe this is not possible right now. I understand creating links can be more difficult with the way importing works, due to the CSV format (many links on a single task would mean several column dedicated to links in the CSV for example) but I believe some ways could be experimented (like a special separator between several links coexisting in a single link column). Next remark : when browsing versions, it can be tedious to retrieve the task corresponding to a given version. We came to think that automatically creating a link between a version and its corresponding task (or whatever the entity the version belongs to) could be handy as it would make the navigation between versions and tasks easier. Are those suggestions understandable enough? Are they something you have already thought about?
  12. Yes, off course. This so obvious I don't know why I didn't thought to it. Thank you for your answer!
  13. Hi, if I'm not mistaken (I have made several tests) when playing a version (either by playing it directly on Ftrack on in a session review), the file played in the web player is not the original deposited file but the mp4 preview version encoded by ftrack. I suppose that the aim is to save bandwidth, but this can be inconvenient as a client will not see the original file but a lower quality one. Would this be possible to chose which version is played, both directly in Ftrack and in a client review?
  14. My bad, I did not seen all the détails on the trello board : I suppose this could be relevant for this use case, yes. I will keep an eye on it and test it when the feature will be released. Thanks!