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  1. For departments and teams it would be super helpful to be able to change the colour of tasks in Overview. For instance Supervisers checking through assignments need to quickly identify the episode that artists have been assigned and where those task are scheduled. See here all tasks are same colour, set by the project.
  2. The ability to view multiple components in a review session would be every useful. Currently the leads and directors open two browser tabs, they constantly want to go back to Adobe bridge to review work because of the capabilities there. Could some feature for comparing images be put forward on the roadmap?
  3. I would also like to able to easily access this type of data. In an ideal world there would be a dashboard widget to display the status changes along with the date changed and this could be filtered to specific asset types. A stacked bar graph would be a bonus! This information is massively useful for production staff to assess where there are time issues on turnaround of notes and reviews, in particular from clients
  4. Many thanks Lucas, we are just starting Ftrack development for the studio and this is exactly what we are investigating right now. Chris
  5. Yes I think you are right. If the user must set the timelogging to be turned on and off this would lead to much erroneous data as the users will often not start or stop the time log as they will forget (Even with reminders set!). If the time logging had an option to start when set to "In progress' and then stop when set to "pending review" this would be very helpful. I have not fully investigated event listeners for this but I presume it can be done along side a custom attribute for entities.
  6. I'd really like to have a setting for time logging so it auto starts when status is set to "In Progress" and then stops when status set to "approved". This would not be good for calculated work hours but would give good data on life cycle length of a task. I suspect others have a method for this already...