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  1. I receive a lot of Ftrack emails for shots that I look through every morning. But I am never sure what the notes are referring to because it doesn't list the category that the note was made under. Example I had an email for a shot that moved from In Progress to Pending Review, so I clicked the link on the email and then I found out it was for Tracking not for Compositing which is what I am supervising so the email was not for me and I could have dismissed it like dozens of other emails. It would be great if we could get the category listed and it will save me a lot of back and forth.
  2. Our studio is starting to use the Ftrack Web Player to review shots and create notes and we are running into quite a few issues that I am hoping someone can help resolve. Need the ability to write text on reviewed image A lot of frames that we review have multiple issues so I circle and notate everything on one frame (as most people do). If we have to only one circle on one image and then write a note in the notes tab and post it I will have 20+ notes instead of one condensed note for the entire shot version. That will get very confusion and information will get lost. Hand writing on images gets very messy and is impossible if you are reviewing on a laptop without a wacom pen. Need the ability to load multiple plates and wipe between them One of the most important ways to review a shot is to compare it to the original image. We need the ability to load the background plate and the latest comp and have the ability to: wipe between them difference matte between images gamma and expose up and down cycle through the R,G, and B channels. All basic tools that everyone uses to review any work. An eraser tool and undo Once I have marked and image and its incorrect, there is no way to erase a marking or undo a last action. The only way to get rid of it is to exit edit mode and delete the image and start again. Which leads me to my next point. If you delete one image all images get deleted If I have reviewed multiple images on the same shot and then go to delete one of the many images it deletes ALL of the images I have worked on and I then have to begin my review all over again. So in summary if I make one mistake on noting one image at any point there is absolutely no way to fix it unless you delete everything and start all over again. Or just let the mistake exist in the noted image, this has to be fixed. Add hotkeys for zoom in and zoom out Something simple like using the +/- key to zoom in and out. Would also be helpful to have hotkeys for any of the other editing tools as well Ability to load in LUTs As a company we work in Linear colorspace which makes it impossible to review. Currently we have to render out two separate versions of the shot to publish to Ftrack so that we can review it. It would be great if basic LUTs like rec709 would be an available option in Ftrack It would also be beneficial if studios had the ability to upload on a per shot basis their own LUTs because we do work with a studio specific LUT. I think the Ftrack review will be extremely helpful in our pipeline and would love to start using it as soon as possible but we really need to see some of these changes first. Currently it is more work to use it than it is for us to bring it into another software review and write out stills and upload them. Which is a long and tedious process that I would love to move past. Thank you for any assistance you can give.
  3. Just tried to sign in with the https:// and I got an error message: Sign in failed! net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
  4. Hey Ftrack, Our studios have a serious demand for being able to customize the email subjects for the studio. The subject of our emails which is generated by Ftrack currently reads "Jason there is a new note on ff..." Which is useless because there is no way to know what project or shot the note is pertaining to without opening the email. And when you are getting 30 emails with the same subject it's impossible to figure out which one you want and keep organized. I spoke to our R&D department and they say they have no control over it. Please Help, Jason