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Found 8 results

  1. Is there any option do add comments/descriptions to versions in the client-review? Apparently the only information that are carried on to the review-session are the TaskName, parent object name and version index. It would be great if it is possible to forward comments / descriptions from the AssetVersion to the client-review. Or display the Asset Name as well. For example when I want to share 2 Versions of the same edit with different audio files or different endings the only ways to make clearly distinguishable for the reviewer is to either comment the versions myself right in the review, add slates or create separate parent objects or tasks for each version. And frankly, I don't find any of them appealing. Including the AssetName as information for the reviewer would be a step forward but an option to manually pick attributes/comments which will be forwarded would be even more useful. Maybe I am missing something and it is already possible? AFAIK there is also no option to work something out via the api?
  2. It would be most useful to be able to have clips plays through when loaded into the client review the same as in Web Player. An option to move to next clip in options drop down, so would have: loop, single play and play next.
  3. Hi, It seems that in client review, I'm not able to play mp4 with firefox. Got this feedback from our client, and I tested it by myself and can confirm that. With Chrome it works well. Is this known problem? Ftrack version is Cheers, -m
  4. Hey Guys, Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it, but is there a way to get a notification when a client is finished with a review session. Currently I have to keep checking the review session and click on 'Transfer Feedback'. It would be great if there is an automatic way of alerting an admin of new client notes. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Is it possible to create a collaborator group that we can use in client sessions? I often am sending to the same group of emails and it would be nice to be able to type in one entry for a given group of emails. Or perhaps have that entry automatically populate into individual emails? Thanks, -Jake
  6. Seems like only the person that sends out the client review invites gets notified when a collaborator leaves notes in the session. Is this the case? My producer is the one that adds all the collaborators and sends out the invites, and its she is the only one that gets notified when the clients submit notes thru the client portal. I am listed as the "VFX Supervisor" manager position on the project, but I do not get these notfications and I dont see anywhere to turn these notifications on. Am I missing something?
  7. Hey guys, So this is something we've run into a few times. When clients go to review shots, sometimes we only get notes on the first 10 or so shots because the clients don't know to scroll further to the right in the navigator on the bottom. In some browsers, the scroll bar doesnt show up unless you start scrolling, so the clients cant see that theres more to the list. Clicking the next button on the review area works to take the client to the next one, but most clients click on the the individual shots below instead of using the next button. All thats really needed here is an additional interface element that makes it more clear that the bottom navigator scrolls and that there may be more shots there. Perhaps an small overlay on the right side of the bottom area that says "More" with and arrow to the right that shows up when you hover over the bottom area. -ak
  8. Hi, I was soo hyped about client review, and the update came in the perfect time - we are doing a big set of commercials for Sydney based agency, when we are in Poland, and the director is currently in NYC, so I have to read and compare notes from different places and put into ftrack. I've created basic Client review for testing - send out invitation to my studio staff to check how things work. Everything worked good on my macbook with chrome. The problems started with Safari and Firefox also on Macs. First of all with upgraded system on Safari there was no annotation tools available, and the page crashed every time we tried to make a note - it crashed and redirected to welcome page again and again. Same things in Firefox, but there we could use annotation. It worries me a lot. In order to prove it useful it has to be bulletproof when it comes to usage. I don't even want to start debugging every single computer of my clients from all over place. Are you guys aware of such things and what's the ETA to iron out stuff like that. regards Pawel Krzeminski