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  1. For those who might be having similar issue, after doing some research I've come to the conclusion that it might be my Graphics card. I've also switched to CineSync for reviewing which seems to not have this problem.
  2. Hello everyone! I really like the review capability of ftrack and would love to see further progression of it. After I upload a mov/mp4 and when I try to view it, there is visible tearing in the image. This is only visible in the web viewer/player/review. When I download the uploaded file, the problem is not there. My original files also dont have this issue either. I am uploading these files manually by drag and dropping them into the Versions tab of a task. It is visible when playing and when its paused. What could be causing this? Ive tried ma
  3. UPDATE: I just got it to work. When I set the path to my local path in my file system, it actually uploads it to the ftrack server, it doesn't actually source from my local file. This is great! Sooo... @Lorenzo your initial reply makes so much more sense now, thank you. Which brings me to an important final question: Does this mean that I have to: use the session.encode_media(file) to encode and generate my new file and it's thumbnail, and then download the new encoded file, and then link the new downloaded file on my local
  4. I am trying to do the uploading and encoding of my .mov renders through the API. Just like how I would if I was drag & dropping it into the Version tab of a task. I am not really trying to download anything. The manual uploading of versions is very clean, it encodes it, creates a thumbnail, and i can review it anytime and anywhere i want. > ftrack_upload_000.jpg --- result = ftrack_upload_001.jpg > ftrack_upload_001.jpg --- desired result that i'm looking for I want to upload in the same fashion though the API. I have read through the follo
  5. Just to add on, In the end, I would like to have a system that works just like drag and dropping the mov file to the Versions area of the task.
  6. Hello all, I've been trying to upload an existing .mov file to ftrack for review, I've made quite a progress using the examples provided, however I'm stuck at the component part. At the moment, it submits an encoding job, waits for the job to be done, and gives me the URLs of the paths. If I set the path key on the create_component() to the MOV_FILE, it uploads. but if I set it to the url of the encoded item, it gives me the error below. What am I doing wrong? When I inspect the link from the line that says Resoruce not found, I can see that it does exist. and it
  7. Our actions are all in a shared location mapped through the FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH. I am not running any listeners at the moment, and when I do it runs locally from my machine and not the shared location. When this happens I usually don't have a listener running. When and if this issue comes up again, I will try removing all actions & events and see if that helps. Thank you!
  8. No box at all. We are all in the same project, however not all in the same context. When it breaks on me, it breaks everywhere regardless of project or selection context. And everyone can still access the actions on any context on any project. Everyone is logged with their own credentials. But it seems user related since I can log in from a different machine using my ftrack credentials, and it still wont show up. And when it fixes itself, I am able to access the actions menu from any computer. I was able to replicate my problem by having multiple (2) ftrack web pages open. I am
  9. Hello Everyone! Sometimes, (like right now) Actions menu will not show up when I click on Actions. Other users in my studio is able to use it just fine. I tried doing the same steps from a different computer, and it wont show up on those either. So far I've tried different browsers, clearing cache on Chrome (Which is the browser we all use 99% of the time), and relaunching the Ftrack-Connect on the desktop., and restarting my computer numerous times. Has anyone else had this issue in the past, and how was it resolved? Thank you in advance!!
  10. Thank you for your reply Jakub. My problem was much simpler than I thought. I can have unlimited forms as I want, and its results always just updates the event['data']['values'] with the latest form. So once form a is done I just store the event['data']['values'] into a temp var. and then call it once i need to use it to populate the next form. Thanks!
  11. Hello all! I am trying to create multiple forms that open up consecutively and parse the values from one form and use it in the next one. Here is the Ftrack Hiearchy structure EpisodicS2└-- Episode1 └-- Sequence 1 <--- ( A ), ( B ) └-- Shot 1 └-- Task 1 <--- ( B ) └-- Task 2 <--- ( B ) └-- Task..10 I have created 2 forms. Form A and Form B. If I run the action on an Sequence type item it should open a Dialog Form A, and once that is submitted it should gather the values from Form A and popup anot
  12. Just wondering if there are any updates on this issue. I would like to start upgrading our internal scripts to Python3 as we are only few months away from 2020. Downloaded the latest version of python (Python3.8), and installed ftrack-python-api using pip. And just like Reynaldos results, it installed fine but having difficulty importing ftrack_api. Results after import ftrack_api: Traceback (most recent call last): File "L:\HAL\Alican\Logger\import_psutil.py", line 3, in <module> import ftrack_api File "C:\Program Files\Python38\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\__ini
  13. Hello everybody! This action populates some custom attributes within a Task that is nested under selected item. These attributes are paths to working directories and render outputs.. I have other actions that rely on these custom paths to do other things such as opening a shot with quicktime / launching the shot folder in explorer /etc.. Everything works as it should.... but I am concerned about the efficiency and speed of my code as populating each task takes about a second... and of course, the more tasks nested under my selection, the longer this process takes.
  14. Works like a charm! Thank you for your prompt reply!
  15. I am working from the 'Example Action' found here. http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/3.5.0/developing/actions.htm My end goal is to create directory structures based on Ftrack hiearchy. At the moment, all I am doing is printing some information (object type and name) based on what is selected. Everything works... but when I change the name of the selected task, or its type through Ftrack, and when I run the action again, it returns the information from my selection prior to the changes made. How can I force update the events inside of the launch() f
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