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  1. Hi Remus, Thank you for your question. This is not possible currently. I believe this is due to that the Assignee field is a multi-value field (that you can have multiple assignees). There is a feature request ticket however on this so will add you to it. Thanks, Mattias
  2. Hi Kate, I just wanted to follow up on this and let you know that the 'This month' time range filter is selected by default if no filter is activated when running the export. In your case this could possibly mean that the two users that did not show up in the export did not have time logs this month as I can see no filter is activated to the right in your screenshot. Hope this could explain it! Thanks, Mattias
  3. Thank you Martin for the report! This is a known issue so I have added you to the existing ticket. Mattias
  4. Remus, I have added a note with your additional feedback to the ticket. Thanks, Mattias
  5. Hi Jerome, Changing the category on a selection of lists can only be done one item at a time currently. Unfortunately there is no workaround. Thanks, Mattias
  6. Thank you for the feature request! I have added a ticket that I will follow up internally. Mattias
  7. Hi there, Take a look at the second example snippet in this article in the API documentation. Hope that helps. Mattias
  8. Thank you for the feature request! You can also zoom in the internal review tool, but not in the image preview currently. I have added a ticket that I will follow up internally. Mattias
  9. Thank you for the feature request! I have added a ticket that I will follow up internally. Mattias
  10. Hi Eder, You can only create asset builds on the project level, however you can create a link between the asset build and an arbitrary object if you would like by using the addPredecessor and addSuccessor methods. Please note also that you can create tasks on asset builds. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Mattias
  11. Hi Ian, Yes you need special permissions. Please reach out to support@ftrack.com with information about your subscription and they will be happy to help. Cheers, Mattias
  12. Hi there, Hierarchical attributes are not possible to add to the spreadsheets at present due to performance reasons. This should be something to look at in future. Thanks, Mattias
  13. Ok thanks, then you should be able to use the Versions tab. I was just told by another support team member that you have an open support ticket related to this, so let us continue there. Thanks, Mattias
  14. What version of ftrack are you on? Depending on version you could have a Files tab in the sidebar meant for this kind of files. Mattias
  15. Hi Tony, Yes you can upload both file types to ftrack by just dropping the files on the Versions tab in the sidebar. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Mattias
  16. Hi Tony, That is not possible at the moment from that dialog. Currently you can do that from the More menu in the project sidebar or by automating with an API script. Thanks for the question, Mattias
  17. Hi Mike, What version of Connect? (see the About dialog). Mattias
  18. Hey, I can't give you an ETA but I can tell you it has been given 'high' priority on our backlog. Mattias
  19. Hey, You can use this query to get tasks assigned to a user: user = session.query('select assignments.context.name from User where username is <username>').one()for assignment in user['assignments']: print assignment['context']Let me know if you have any questions. Mattias
  20. Hey, I think this would be possible to implement with the API, an event listener and some task board configuration. What do you guys think? Thanks, Mattias
  21. Hello, There is no built in way at the moment, but I will add this as a feature request. Meanwhile, you should be able to implement this as an Action. Thanks, Mattias
  22. Hi Anthony, Can you check please that you have any option selected for 'Client review status updates' in your notifications settings on your account? Thanks, Mattias
  23. Hi Mike, That should be possible. I checked on my machine with latest ftrack and Connect and it worked as expected. What versions are you running? Thanks, Mattias
  24. Hi Dan, Yes it is. Navigate to System settings > Advanced > Custom attributes and click Create in the top of the page. Select Project in the Add to drop down and the appropriate permissions at the bottom of the dialog. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Mattias
  25. Hi Mike, The project names are present but have been pushed out of the dialog due to the width of the third thumbnail. I have added a ticket to have a look at this, but the workaround for now would be to update the thumbnail of that project to a thumbnail with smaller dimensions. Thank you for the report, Mattias
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