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  1. Hi, the current bookmark system does simply store link to specific pages ignoring any selected views or filters. I think that being able to bookmark the whole combination of the page and the specific view/filter currently selected would greatly improve the navigation. For instance looking at the main Shots page, I may have a bookmark pointing directly to a 'Tasks Progress' analysis view and another bookmark pointing to a 'Client Review' view etc. Basically when I bookmark a page, I would like to have the bookmark to take me back exactly to the same place (context, page, view, filter).
  2. Hi Carl, all sounds great. I would definitely be happy with Ctrl+up/down for versions up/down and Ctrl right/left for next/previous clip. Looking forward to having all these features in FReview! Cheers, M.
  3. Hi, I thought it was there already, but it does not seem to be the case... It would be very useful if the task.getAssetVersions() allowed you to specify optional filters for asset type and/or version status. Something like: task.getAssetVersions(statuses=['Approved','WIP'],asset_types=['comp']) Cheers, M.
  4. Hi, I think that adding a few features to FReview would really improve its functionality. Here are my thoughts: Full screen mode. At one click being able to take the image to the full screen (i.e. take out the panels and make the image full screen). This is different from the current implementation which goes full screen but keeps the panels visible. I would love a keyboard shortcut for that in addition to the icon and my vote would be for 'Tab'.Easy switching of versions. At the moment it takes too many clicks to switch to another version. I would keep it very simple and double click on a
  5. Hi, it would be handy if the API had the functionality to get the list of active users. You currently only have ftrack.getUsers() then we have to filter out using user.get('isactive'). It would be great if you had an optional additional argument to specify if we are interested in active, inactive, all users. for instance: ftrack.getUsers(isactive=True), ftrack.getUsers(isactive=False), ftrack.getUsers() Thanks! M.
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