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  1. Sorry to bother you guys again: Can you tell us about your roadmap for developing the new planning view? We really need this feature!!!
  2. Hey Martin, thanks for the reply! Was nice meeting you. We are very interested in this topic and would love to take part in the beta... keep me posted, Daniel
  3. :) This is a really important feature for us. And I think it
  4. Hy Ftrack-team, How is your investigation moving forward on this topic? Any roadmap when this feature is going to be developed? Greetings, Daniel
  5. I like the response here the last weeks. How are the plans for this topic dear ftrack team? cheers, Daniel
  6. classen


    Hmmm, I am not so much into it, but we are experimenting with mediawiki. It
  7. classen


    All right, sounds reasonable. Didn
  8. classen


    Hy There, is there a wiki function in ftrack? We thought that it would be really helpful to implement a wiki, where ftrack users can post their how-to
  9. Hy Martin/Ftrack-team I wanted to know if there is any status-update about the feature?!? We think it would be a really good feature to have an overview who is working on what and if the studio has more capacities or not. Best regards, Daniel
  10. Hey Community, I have a question regarding the Gantt-Chart of a project: Is it possible to export the grafic, means all the bars and connections and so on? If I go to export, I can export a PDF, but this is just the list of all tasks, not the gantt... Help would be really much appreciated! Best regards, Daniel
  11. All right, thanks for the information!
  12. Hello Martin, That would be really great!!! If I can assist you with some input, let me know ;-) Cheers, Daniel
  13. Hy there, I just saw on our CentOS6 machine running ftrack, that there are 356 updates. Is it safe to do these updates, or does it affect ftrack in any kind of way? Regards, Daniel
  14. Hey Giovani, thanks that somebody else sees it the same way I do! I am hoping that the guys from ftrack sees it the same way. Cheers, Daniel
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