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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, the current bookmark system does simply store link to specific pages ignoring any selected views or filters. I think that being able to bookmark the whole combination of the page and the specific view/filter currently selected would greatly improve the navigation. For instance looking at the main Shots page, I may have a bookmark pointing directly to a 'Tasks Progress' analysis view and another bookmark pointing to a 'Client Review' view etc. Basically when I bookmark a page, I would like to have the bookmark to take me back exactly to the same place (context, page, view, filter).
  2. Hi We use a lot of reference material for building assets and shots, it would be good if it was easier to put links in notes, and attribute columns in spreadsheets so that we can link to external URL paths and also local paths (for non assets, i.e. reference material or folders with lots of reference images). At the moment it is not very easy/straightforward to do that as you have to use the [link](url) notation in notes. It would be great if you could just paste a link and it auto-formats. Also there is almost no way apart from description column to put a link in the spreadsheet. Is this so
  3. Hello, we really like the planning overview in ftrack, but it
  4. Similar to Excel Example of use One could calculate if the Time Left / Progress ratio. Give visual feedback to supervisers when tasks are: on time (no formatting), in danger (orange) , overtime (red) , disaster! (black) etc...
  5. The other day I was wondering how Ftrack would handle a situation where two or more people edit the same "entity" at the same time. And for what I understand the last one to hit save would be the one to have it's data kept. Granted that the "activities" tab for each entity would be enough to get things sorted, but sometimes things go by unnoticed causing problems down the road. So perhaps it would be really cool if Ftrack had a real time visual cue to let people know that someone else is editing a certain field at that very moment. Something like Google Docs has when you have multiple collab
  6. Hi Guys, I wanted to suggest a very simple solution to the creation of thumbnails for tasks or shots. It would save us lots of time fussing about. When I upload a new video for a shot or task, it would be great to be able to save a particular frame as the thumbnail. An example would be to be able to right click in the preview window and select 'set frame as thumbnail'. Does that make sense?
  7. Hi. When someone get assigned to a bunch of shot that look the same, it would be nice to have a animated thumbnails to be able to differenciante shots. Something like Google+ photos or http://giphy.com/ I did tried to upload a gif as tumbnail but it end up like a static image. Thanks
  8. Hi, When we receive a notification on the desktop, the notification appear few seconds, and after it disappear. Here this is a problem because sometime, the user/producer does not watch her screen every time, or they are not from of her computer. It is possible to keep the notification on the screen please ? And if we have more than 1 notification, keep all notification on the screen ? (to be SURE that the user saw the notification) Thank you.
  9. Mocha V4 is going to have python integration. how hard is it to create a plugin for this tool. Cheers, Eduardo
  10. For me personally I love the layout of ftrack, and the accesability to all the data. However, one complaint I hear internally and from our other studios is lack of a visual global job overview. The term that is flying around here is to have an "at a glance" breakdown of the job. I am not sure if there are levels of custimization that I haven't discovered yet that could allow our supervisors to build their own "at a glance" layout. That's why I'm opening up the discussion on where something like this fits in? I feel like the new task board feature is really close, but just needs to be a bit
  11. There doesn't seem to be a setting for this today? I'd rather see 'user name' in drop downs and GUI instead of full name. Now a droop down for assignee can be cut and hard to read but the user name/nick name might be short and better. For example if someone is named "Vefeximus Popadopadupidulidusmaximus" it's somewhat messy to have that in a drop down. The 'user name' "vmax" would sit nicer in a dropdown... =)
  12. Would it be possible to somehow display changes to shot attributes in the shot's activity tab? It would sometimes be helpful to see a record of particular changes ("Bob changed Frame Start to 1000") in that list.
  13. Every single time I'm about to import a CSV (...yes I still don't use the Hiero integration) I forget what I need to bring in regarding tasks and task assignee etc etc. Would it be possible to have an extra tab in the import CSV window where you see a preview of what fields you actually have in your project. Then you could easily tab over to it and see what you should bring in and even how to name it properly. Also, isn't it possible to import several task types and their status at once? Should really be. Would also be sweet if you could preview it with your shot legacy template directly
  14. WOuld be nice with one more option here, Duplicate Schema. It would, as name suggests, duplicate the schmea you have selected so that you have something to start from when building.
  15. The following example, I am license holder and want to connect my license with a studio, which has booked me?(also license holder) Crosslink possible or planned? And for all of you..... relaxing days with rudolph and firends and rednose and family, Christian
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