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This might already be possible, and i'm simply missing the button -- however...

Is it possible for a collaborator to download all the items in a review session at once, instead of having to select each one?

The use case, currently, is the overwhelming sea of versions currently being produced in commericals... 16x9, 1x1, 9x16, 5x4 (mutliple languages, multiple offers only make the matter worse)....


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Hi Folks, 

Thanks for your continued interest in this feature, unfortunately this still isn't currently possible, though we've heard from multiple clients who'd love to have this. We've been looking at different ways to approach this though and have been pondering with how we to handle all downloads since the number of versions in a playlist can vary drastically. 

One thing we're curious to know more about is that when you want a guest to be able to download all versions, is this because you're specifically sending them a playlist for them to download all versions, or is it more from the guests side (e.g some clients prefer to be able to download your versions for offline viewing or to construct into an edit?).

We're curious to understand more about these use-cases as some of those problems may be better suited to separate features where we can make the experience better, rather than riding off the back of a *download-all* button.

Please let us know, and happy to explore this particular feature in more detail with anyone.



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