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  1. thanks! any ftrack freelance coders out there?
  2. Is there a way to print or export projects in the overview?
  3. would be very interested in this too
  4. @sconlogue@czarnowski.com we have the same problem over here, have you ever found a solution
  5. thanks a lot, that makes sense!
  6. HI @JPrydz thanks for helping me on the first questions. I attached the log above. let me know whether that helps. T
  7. Hi all, I am trying to run an old action which used to work years ago and is really handy. it lists the review links for participants so I can mail them to them myself (wont get intercepted by spam) I followed this: Make sure you have installed the ftrack Connect desktop service. Download you Action from our Code repository or community forum and save it on your computer. Start Connect and click on the service menu and “Open plugin folder”. Create new sub-folders inside the plugins folder with the name of your action, e.g. <ftrack-plugins-folder>/my-fancy-action/hook/. Now place the action .py file inside the hook/ folder. Quit and start Connect again to reload your new action. but ftrack connect doesn't boot up as soon as I put the script in this folder. I am on os x, latest. import logging import ftrack_api logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) session = ftrack_api.Session() identifier = 'review-session-list-invitees' def discover(event): '''Return action for event.''' for selected_item in event['data'].get('selection', []): if selected_item['entityType'] == 'reviewsession': return { 'items': [{ 'label': 'List invitees', 'actionIdentifier': identifier }] } session.event_hub.subscribe( 'topic=ftrack.action.discover', discover ) def launch(event): '''Launch *event*.''' items = [] for selected_item in event['data'].get('selection', []): if selected_item['entityType'] == 'reviewsession': review_session = session.get( 'ReviewSession', selected_item['entityId'] ) items.append({ 'type': 'label', 'value': u'**Invitees for {0}**'.format(review_session['name']) }) for invitee in review_session['review_session_invitees']: items.append({ 'type': 'label', 'value': u'{0}: {1}/review/{2}'.format( invitee['name'], # Do not use private variable. session._server_url, invitee['id'] ) }) return { 'items': items } session.event_hub.subscribe( 'topic=ftrack.action.launch and ' 'data.actionIdentifier="{0}"'.format(identifier), launch ) session.event_hub.wait()
  8. reviving this topic as I would like to find out how this could be done in a way it would be accessible to the whole team. Can we do this without having the ftrack action plugin running on all the machines? can this be generated with the JS api on the site?
  9. our problem is that most of our clients don't receive the email notifications from reviews. spam filters and whatever else, I would say about 50% percent of our clients are struggling with them. I know there is a way to generate a link to the review which then can be put into an email via the python js api…. I used to do this but I can't ask our producers to be able to do this. any app like dropbox has this feature, generate a link and send it. But maybe this changed over the years? is this possible now?
  10. this is amazing thanks. kind of weird to have a local python code executed on a website... this helps a lot.
  11. oh nice. not asking for you to do the work but if you have some sample code for reviews let me know
  12. Is it possible to view and copy paste the link to the session for each memeber of a review session. I often have clients who dont get the email, be it for their spam filter setting or corporate firewalls. The last thing I want to do is debug the clients firewall and they always get really anxious about not finding the email, if I could jsut send them the link it would be perfect.
  13. Subject line says it all. How do I make sure that I get notified when my collaborators with a 'user' role asigned change status of a task. I am the admin of the project. I notifications if they send me an note.
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