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  1. This might already be possible, and i'm simply missing the button -- however... Is it possible for a collaborator to download all the items in a review session at once, instead of having to select each one? The use case, currently, is the overwhelming sea of versions currently being produced in commericals... 16x9, 1x1, 9x16, 5x4 (mutliple languages, multiple offers only make the matter worse).... G
  2. Heya everyone, Wondering if anyone has seen this particular error come up when attempting to initialize a new ftrack_api.session()? import ftrack_api s = ftrack_api.Session() >>> Exception in thread Thread-1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 812, in __bootstrap_inner File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 765, in run self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs) File "/tools/python2.7/3rd_party/ftrack_api/event/", line 203, in connect details=error_details EventHubConnectionError: Failed to connect to event server at https://<company_name> with error: "[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:579)". If anyone has any insight, i'd appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Gene
  3. Heya Johan Yeah, this is the field that Greg and I are speaking about (we work in the same place in case it wasn't obvious!). Basically, the issue is that producers still maintain a communication chain over email regardless of whether feedback is entered into FTrack or not. The challenge at the moment is that in order to present a coherent outward facing message to client with a list of caveats for a posting or a list of items that we have addressed requires a separate email thread. We're hoping that being able to include that (or an additional field, if you want to keep the review landing page uncluttered) will allow for a single email thread for the entire posting. Formatting this paragraph would also be quite key... or perhaps there is a different facility for this purpose which we aren't seeing? Best, G
  4. Is it possible to include the text in the description field in the invite email that gets sent to client? One of the producers was concerned about being unable to keep a non-ftrack communication thread open with an external client along with the review session. We're hoping that including text in the description would afford the external producer an email thread to reply to that contains our internal comments about the posting. Is this possible? G
  5. On the subject of review sessions, A comment we've heard several times was that the review session was seen as 'too complex' for some clients (the majority of the work we do is in advertising, and sometimes our client's clients just need to 'see the videos quickly'). We would love a simplified 'here are all the posted videos on one page' type option. Also, a mobile friendly review page version is highly sought after -- at the moment we use for external review for this reason, which makes the value proposition of ftrack lower overall :\ G
  6. Are there other repercussions to changing the workday length that I might not be thinking of? if I set the workday length to 1 hour, will anything else untoward happen other then the 1d unit in timesheets? I'd love to RFE the reminder emails minimum option... reason being is that artist are leery of logging a day of less then 8 hours, even though they might only be working on a tasked job for 2 of those numbers. They instead end up filling in an 8 hour day on a 2 hour task in lieu of anything else, which makes it difficult to distinguish a non-profitable job from a sales deficiency... There is a certain "big-brotherness" to these warning emails and timesheets in general, and we all know that usartists can be a sensitive lot Thoughts? G
  7. It seems that ftrack wants to send reminders when a user has logged less then 8 hours(i'm assuming this is the quantity specificied in the workday length field). Is it possible to set the minimum time required to send a reminder without affecting the 'workday length -> hours' exchange rate? G
  8. Thanks Bjorn. Way to sell the appraoch! G
  9. @Remus Avram: Thank you Remus, we ended up following your breadcrumb and creating a dedicated API user to filter through the events. Works like a charm, but quite disappointing that it requires a license. Thanks again for the offer to help. It's much appreciated. Cheers, G
  10. I can't seem to figure out how to query for the username that created a project. Any insight? G
  11. Heya everyone, I'm attempting to prevent users from renaming entities in an action subscribed to the ftrack.update event. In doing so, I set off another ftrack.update event, which calls the action, which sets off another ftrack.update event. Any clues would be most appreciated. G
  12. Thanks for the feedback Eric, This is the path that I ended up taking, but, imo, it results in fairly poor UX. the asset gets created, the 'green' notification fires', then a 'red' notification fires, and then the user is asked to refresh their browser. If there's a vote being held anywhere, please put me down for a smoother UX option. Cheers, G
  13. Heya Mattias, Thanks for the hint regarding the ftrack.create_project_action_identifier. It works perfectly for our needs. Any chance that such a facility exists for other entity types such as shot and sequence? The closest I've been able to get thus far is listening for ftrack.update events and retroactively removing 'badly named' entities using session.delete(pooly_named_entity) session.commit() Ideally, these entities would be prevented from being created in the first place. G
  14. Hoping someone can clue me in, How would I find the 'default schema' out of: schemas = session.query('ProjectSchema').all() Best, G
  15. Thanks for the link. It's just what we were looking for. G
  16. Heya everyone, Apologies for the rudimentary question. Is it possible to enforce a naming convention for projects at creation time? Ideally i'm hoping to use something like this as a filter: re_valid_project_name = re.compile(r'^[0-9a-z_-]+\_\d{6}$') For a brief time, I thought maybe would be what i'm after, but it seems that this event isn't published to the python api. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, G ps: running 3.5.9 on a local deployment, in case it matters.
  17. Ug, Is it possible that 0.6.2 versioned connectors need a non-legacy location plugin? seems to imply otherwise... and contradics this post: I must admit -- there is a lot of documentation -- but it's really really challenging to know where to look for relevant/up to date info. G
  18. Heya Mattias, I'm attempting to publish from the ftrack_connect_nuke plugin to a location with the lowest priority. Am I barking up the wrong tree? G
  19. Hello everyone, Please bear with me -- i'm trying to wrap my head around several key ftrack concepts and [obviously] missing a few key bits of info. We are running a local install, version 3.3.41, our apps are centrally installed, and our shell environments are set using rez-env. I'm attempting to get the connectors (starting with ftrack_connect_nuke) to publish to a custom location, which I've registered via a location plugin: import ftrack locs = ftrack.getLocations() for loc in locs: print loc.getName() + " : " + str(loc.getPriority()) results in: ae.toronto.gene_dump : 1 ftrack.unmanaged : 90 ftrack.connect : 95 : 110 ftrack.server : 150 Which leads me to believe that my location is configured correctly. i'm using a ClassicStructure(), and a DiskAccessor with a prefix that I have perms to write into. I also have a custom resolver, which appears to be running correctly (or at least that's what the local diagnostics page claims). For some reason -- no joy. every attempted publish ends up in ftrack.origin (which doesn't appear in the locations list, myseriously). Am I missing something obvious? Cheers, G
  20. If the slack is still alive, I'd love to join. G