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Hi all,


Now that we're setting supervisors as managers on more and more projects, I've been asked if it's possible to filter the types of tasks supervisors receive notifications about. For instance, an integration supervisor is receiving notifications about all tasks and publishes, and would benefit from the ability to be able to choose to receive only notifications regarding tracking and matchmove (and anything else he might select).


Is this on your roadmap or something you'd consider investigating?


Thanks as always,


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Hi Kat,


We actually had this on the roadmap when developing the notifications system. Since then we haven't considered it though, but it is definitely something we would like to consider investigating if you are interested in it.


We just had a quick discussion now and the way we would like to solve it is to add this as a setting on the manager types, like a setting saying what task types that specific manager type will get notifications about.


Let me know what you think.

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Hey, on the same topic, I have a request, about the filtering in the "inbox" display.

Now we can filter messages on project, type, time unread/starred.

Would it also be possible to filter on users that made the action that triggered the message ( their picture appears on the left side, but no way to filter on a specific person)

We have a person that has subscribed to all the projects ans maintais kind of a planning of all artists, so he needs to be aware of all actions that makes sense to him, by user



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Just throwing my vote behind this here as well (and on Trello)


Users assigned as managers receive so many notifications as to be almost worthless; the signal noise is too great.  

Filtering by custom attributes, task types, and even "subscribing" to notes on specific shots and sequences would be appreciated.


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