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  1. isn't "restrict timelogging" made for that purpose ?
  2. The ability to log time on tasks with any status would help, I believe tasks that are in "blocked" or "finished" state (don't remember which one) won't appear in the timesheet view
  3. In my opinion split task could bring sense to the gant planning. Currently we can't use gant to planify, for example compositing tasks as we know it is constantly split in time , first comp, waiting for approval, then internal retakes, then waiting for approval, then client retakes, then waiting for approval and so on. The tasks is constantly split in pieces and during the gaps, the artists do work on other shots/projects, si of we want to have an accurate view of the taks, and planify next steps (retakes), we need to be able to cut/split the task in pieces, escpecially inside a gant-like planning
  4. hey, this is something I had also submitted to support, with a different approach: There is a thing users always ask us: Is ftrack is able to display colorsin the spreadsheet, based on rules we would set ?So far we only found cell formatting for negative values which is verylimitating.We thought of a way that would address quite all our needs.We imagined every (custom) attribute could have a "color" section that wouldwork like an expression.The expression should be written to return an hex color RRGGBB ( and if theexpressions fails for any reason, or returns something else that a color,display white).Like that we may alter the color of all our custom attributes, which wouldreally be a game changer in terms of ergonomy, specifically for theproducers who always try to have a global overview of what is happening onthe shots.
  5. hey, juste voted +1 The important thing is the way you'll display it ( with colors/icons) typically we would use tags to mark different achievements of a version to bring more accurate status than just the simple status( that has no history) for example, we could store the info that a version was approved by supervisor and boss but waiting for approval of client, and was delivered to editing (each of the things would be a tag). today we can make it with custom attributes but the way it can be displayed makes it barely readable at a glance.
  6. Hey, on the same topic, I have a request, about the filtering in the "inbox" display. Now we can filter messages on project, type, time unread/starred. Would it also be possible to filter on users that made the action that triggered the message ( their picture appears on the left side, but no way to filter on a specific person) We have a person that has subscribed to all the projects ans maintais kind of a planning of all artists, so he needs to be aware of all actions that makes sense to him, by user Rgds
  7. Thanks Staging was on 3.3.17 already, "not lists any ()" works, is there a reference of the hierarchy of items available though the new API ?
  8. Hey, thanks for your reply I've been testing the "Api-like" like filtering on 3.3.16 on my staging server but didn't manage to access the list filtering you mention, i'll upgrade to 3.3.17 and check again. The filtering is cool, but it will only filter (i mean it won't let us return the lists names), so we'll know the version is in a list, but not in which list.. pretty frustrating About the second part, I know this will be ressource demanding, but clearly the shot lacks of "global information" coming from its children, calulating it remotely may be the solution. Today we use an external app we've built, only to gather stuff from ftrack and build a display that perfectly fits our needs on the shot level, this is very slow as it goes trhough api and mono-threaded connection, we can only use it as a "reporting" tool. Our goal is to get rid of this (we don't wan't o build another ftrack that sits next to ftrack ) Edit: staging was on 3.3.17 already, "not lists any ()" works, is there a reference of the hierarchy of items available though the new API ?
  9. Hey guys We do use versions lists extensively in Ftrack, and we find some limitations that seem to be a question of design. Let me explain: we put some versions of shots (rendered images) in lists so we have grouped action on them: -we do lists for previz, for review with customers, and for temporary and final delivery ( each action has a dedicated list type). -we have some dedicated tools that load lists versions, and do some tasks : generate copy scripts, batch encode quicktime with specific parameters and luts, generate delivery scripts. Finally, the lists tends to be the memory of past actions on the versions. Based on that we would like to be able to do multiple things that seem impossible: On the versions spreadshhet, we would like to be able to easily get in which list each version appears, by list type, to know if a version has been reviewed or delivered for example. ->there seem to be no direct link beetween the versions and the lists they appear in, we need to query the lists and check if the version is in it, not very efficient, and totally needs external code analysis What would be fine is the lists that include a version would appear as built-in attributes of the version (so we could filter on it) directly in the speadsheet On the shots level There is something we'd really like to do is to be able to display on the shot level, stuff that is the result of analysis on children versions or tasks taht are in the shot. For example, on the shot level we would like to be able to display the latest version of 2D compo that is part of a "delivery" list More generally, on the shot level spreadsheet, we would like to be able to display information that is the result of an analysis on shot children (latest version of a give task type, status of a give task etc..) Our goal is to be able to display on the shot level all relevant informations to know, what was reviewed last, what was delivered last, and what is the latest published thing... So far our tools are designed to write text information on some shot's custom attribute each time an action is performed, but it sounds odd to create text items instead of dynamically linking on real database assets.
  10. Hey, just my 2 cents about that: If you need to automate the deployment of ftrackreview for RV, here is an exemple of logon script that works under windows: "C:\Program Files\Tweak\RV-3.12.17-64\bin\rvpkg.exe" -add "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\RV" -install "\\source\of\packages\\ftrack-1.5v4.zip" RV packages can be installed in rv folder or in user home AppData subfolder, the first is fine but requires admin rights, while second works for everyone. Note that the package will be installed but not loaded, which means it will only load when called by ftrack ( If you ever keep on using rv without freview...yep it happens )