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  1. Actually the issue was that I replaced the wrong .py file (smh). Our studio is a MacOS environment and I fixed the issue last month so here are the steps I took in case anyone else has an issue looking for the Contents folder: In Finder, go to your Applications folder > Right-click on ftrack-connect.app > Show Package Contents > MacOS > resource > hook > replace ftrack_connect_adobe_hook.py with the hook from Steve's first post above. ‘Log & Quit’ ftrack Connect, open it and log back in. Photoshop 2020 action should show up now.
  2. We're using the Notification event listener and modified it to listen for 'Notes' statuses. It's worked pretty well so far and can be easily modified. Thanks to Mattias for making it! Here's the bitbucket link https://bitbucket.org/snippets/ftrack/9qpXB/event-listener-notification-example
  3. So I tried replacing the ftrack_connect_adobe_hook.py file with the link above and Photoshop 2020 does appear in my actions, but when I click on 'Photoshop CC 2020 with latest version' it opens straight to the application but doesn't open the file