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  1. Hi, I tried a review session workflow but i don't understand things. Perhaps we need new features (?). 1) I create a review with a lot of versions of multiple shots. But a shot can have different type of versions (a animation version and a lighting version). So i click on "group", "asset parent". This is perfect, it will group everything in a column : But here the problem : why the animation version is on the top and the lighting version on the bottom ? The "column" is sort by name ? I think this is wrong because as you can see, we have a row of lighting version,
  2. Hi, I want 2 features please. The last one for me look like "a bug" : 1) I want to be synchronized with the client when i/he plays the video/changes shots, like cinesync/franckie. 2) This one is important : when the client or me add a comment, draw something, the comment/draw never appear ! They is no auto refresh, nothing. We have to reload the session to get new comments (!). Please fix this in priority. Thank you, Damien
  3. Hi, Any news about this please ? I want to filter by task types, asset types, status... I think something happened in 2 years. They is an option somewhere ? Thank you Damien
  4. Hi, Any new please ? What about use something like this ? https://developer.chrome.com/apps/richNotifications Or build one in PyQt ? Thank you, Damien
  5. Thank for your answer Mattias. I will work on this.
  6. To publish, we use custom python like : asset = assetOrShot.createAsset(name=assetName, assetType=assetType, task=task)version = asset.createVersion(comment=comment, taskid=taskId)version.set('version', versionPath.versionNumber)version.createComponent(name=filePath.componentName, path=filePath.absolutePath)asset.publish()Currently we didn't manage any location. So this is the default one i think.
  7. Ah, all my custom attributes are hierarchical. It is why it doesn't work.
  8. Hi, I am publishing a components from a Windows workstation. I have something like : \\EIGHT-JOB6\job6\FILM.... The Flame is a Linux workstation. Obviously, \\EIGHT-JOB6\job6\FILM... doesn't exist. But /mnt/job6... So when people watching components on a linux workstation, all path are wrong. There is something to manage this (without to duplicate components paths) ? Thank you, Damien
  9. Hi, Code example : import ftrack_apisession = ftrack_api.Session()projects = session.query( 'Project where status is active and ' '(full_name like "ftrack test")')tasks = session.query('Task where project.id is "{0}"'.format(projects[0]['id'])).all()for task in tasks: customAttr = task['custom_attributes'] print customAttr.keys() for attr in customAttr: print attr.keys()The project : Custom attribute (some are hierarchical) : Code result : [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]Expected result : Something not empty.
  10. Hi, We are using FTrack, last new API, and we have empty result when we query custom attributes...
  11. Hi, Thank for the answer. I don't want to transfer the note to the "parent shot", but randomly where i want. For example we created a task "edit" on a sequence 'SEQ01'. The client does a review of a version from this task 'edit'. At the end, we want to transfer all notes to shots. We want the possibility to choose what task or shot or something we want to transfer note. They is no parents or children, this is random and we want to choose. About Action, yes i will think about this... Thank you, Damien
  12. Hi, With commercial projects, generally (90%), the client want to see the global edit (for the review), and not shot by shot for a commercial. Problem : at the end, when we want to transfer all notes, these notes a linked to the 'edit task'. But what we want is to relink all notes, note by note, for each shot. It is possible to do this please ? Currently we loose a lot of time to copy/past/re-write all notes for each shot. The "transfer function" is useless for us because we cant choose where to add the notes. Thank you, Damien
  13. Hi, We can add custom attributes to different "type", like Shot, Sequence, Asset build... But here my problem : I assign a custom attribute like "focal camera" on "asset build". But i have different type of asset build : camera, geometry, cache, image... But now i have some camera attribute on all type of asset build : i have this "focal camera" attribute on geometry, cache, image.... there is no sense. It is possible to choose the type of asset build when we add a custom attribute to an asset build please ? Thank you, Damien
  14. Hi, When we receive a notification on the desktop, the notification appear few seconds, and after it disappear. Here this is a problem because sometime, the user/producer does not watch her screen every time, or they are not from of her computer. It is possible to keep the notification on the screen please ? And if we have more than 1 notification, keep all notification on the screen ? (to be SURE that the user saw the notification) Thank you.
  15. Hey, I saw that we have an integration for RV and Hiero. What about a free and open source image sequence player : DJV ? Currently here we use PDPLayer, but we are starting to switch to DJV. Thank you, Damien
  16. Hi, The server version is : How do we can update please ? Thank you, Damien
  17. Hi, When i subscribe to a events of a custom attributes, the update return me empty "keys" key sand empty "changes" keys. For example, when i change the "description" of a shot in Ftrack, i have : {u'keys': [u'description'], u'objectTypeId': u'bad911de-3bd6-47b9-8b46-3476e237cb36', u'entityType': u'task', u'entityId': u'7290bf96-ed46-11e4-999b-04011a8b0d01', u'changes': {u'description': {u'new': u'hgf', u'old': u'hgfghjn'}}}When i change a custom attribute, i have : {u'keys': [], u'objectTypeId': u'bad911de-3bd6-47b9-8b46-3476e237cb36', u'entityType': u'task', u'entityId': u'7290bf96-ed46-11
  18. Doesn't work : session = ftrack_api.Session() shots = session.query( #===================================================== # 'select fstart, fend, duration, startHandles, endHandles, fsequenceend, fsequencestart ' #===================================================== 'Shot where name is {0} and ' 'parent.name is {1} and ' 'project.name is {2} ' .format(shotName, sequenceName,
  19. Ok i will try this : http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/example/custom_attribute.html#example-custom-attribute
  20. Hello, I have added custom attributes to shots. When i do a query like this : tasks = session.query( 'Shot where name is {0} and ' 'parent.name is {1} and ' 'project.name is {2} ' .format(shotName, sequenceName, projectName ) )My custom attributes are not here. How can i do this please ?
  21. Hello, One question : session = ftrack_api.Session()user = session.query('select assignments.context.name, assignments.context.project.name from User where username is damien').one()for assignment in user['assignments']: print assignment['context']['name'], assignment['context']['project']['name']Why i have this error : File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\query.py", line 56, in one results = self.all() File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\query.py", line 39, in all return list(self) File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\query.py", line 29, in __l
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