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  1. Keeping the id and the type of the entity together works for us pretty nice. But in the event hub, the event['data']['selection'] contains the id and the 'context_type' of the entity instead of the type of the entity. In this case we can't get nice the entity.
  2. Thanks Mattias for your quick answer. Unfortunately, we would like to restrict the permissions for production in order to create new projects in Ftrack or update the other settings.
  3. Hi Ftrack team, production would like to update the start and end date of the project. Is there a role permission for it? Best!
  4. Hi @georgea, we also requested this. Please have a look at https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/939-send-an-existing-note-to-more-recipients/ Best!
  5. The setup for the actions could take some time, but ones it's setup, it will be really easy to add more actions.
  6. Hi @mark.fin , we have the same issue. What we need is a lock system for the Ftrack entities and attributes. Please have a look at this discussion http://forum.ftrack.com/index.php?/topic/788-lock-system-for-entity-attribute/ . Until this is implemented, we are using an Ftrack action which works pretty nice for us. How the action works: - it listen for all the events - ones an event match the conditions, we process it. Example: we allow production to create an asset and update the name as long as the status is not changed. Ones the status is changed, we mark it (
  7. Thanks @Mattias Lagergren for the info! We will test it and let you know if there are any issues.
  8. This topic is related to this one: As currently it is not possible to subscribe people to a ftrack object (in this case to a note), we were thinking to add the users to the recipients list and send the note again only to them.
  9. Hi Ftrack Team, we would like a way to subscribe/unsubscribe (or follow/unfollow) a Ftrack object (like shot/asset/etc). Also we would like to be able to subscribe/unsubscribe other users to it. The current issue which we have right not in the production is that we don't have a way for the coordinators to split the shots between them and follow the activity on specific shots/asset builds/etc.
  10. Hi Ftrack Team, is there a way to send an existing note to more users?
  11. Hi Ftrack Team, is there any plan to add the Dark Theme to the Overview widget?
  12. Hi Ftrack team, can I run ftrack-python-api 1.2.0 with Ftrack server 3.3.40? In the release notes for the Ftrack server there is the minimum ftrack-python-api version required (sometimes), but in the ftrack-python-api release notes there is no minimum version of ftrack server required. It would be cool if this compatibility info between ftrack_api and ftrack server versions is included in all the release notes.
  13. Thanks Eric for the hint. We changed back to default the gnome config and it is working now.
  14. Unfortunately, not really. In this case we need to remember all the time that we need to fetch the children as well. The same with clearing the cache as well. The best for us it would be if there would be a way to turn off the cache, like an argument for the session.
  15. Unfortunately, we didn't find any reason way "QSystemTrayIcon.isSystemTrayAvailable()" returns false. OS: CentOS 6.8; gnome v 2.28.2
  16. Hi Ftrack support, production would like to see the links to the versions into the version spreadsheet. It would be nice to have them both the uses_version as well as the used_in version. Is it possible? Best, Remus
  17. Unfortunately, session.query does not always query the server... Example: I create an assetBuild and a child task and in the same session, I query for the assetBuild and check for the children. Randomly, both session.get and session.query returns len(ftrack_asset['children']) = 0. Only after clearing the cache it returns the right data. (Pdb) len(ftrack_asset['children']) 0 (Pdb) ftrack_asset = self._session.get('TypedContext', ftrack_asset['id']) (Pdb) len(ftrack_asset['children']) 0 (Pdb) ftrack_asset = self._session.query("{0} where id is '{1}'".format(ftrack_asset.ent
  18. at the moment I think only the number of how many times the asset is imported in the shot. Also Production would like to have a way to update this number from Ftrack web interface without running an action. Form our side, it can be a different implementation, or trough the link. Production just need to get this info from the Ftrack web interface.
  19. Thanks Mattias for the answer! This is quite an old request from our Production and all the workarounds provided by us didn't really work for them. Production would like to get this information straight away form Ftrack without any additional step. Any help with this will be really appreciated.
  20. Thanks Mattias for the answer! The problem with having an action for this is that it makes it more and more difficult to control it.
  21. It would be great if you can point me to the source code where this can be added. This is exactly what we would like to have.
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