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  1. Hi all, Is there any news on when this enhancement might become available? Thank you
  2. Hello Hopefully a really simple question but I just can't seem to figure this out by myself. What does 'Normal' mean? What is this type of sorting useful for? Thanks in advance! J
  3. Hi both, A year or so late but we are after this exact functionality in our studio! Has this been implemented yet or did it not receive enough interest? Many thanks, Julia
  4. Hello, 5 years on, is this feature still being considered? Cheers, J
  5. Hello, We've had an animator wonder about the same thing this morning! Was this something that could be/has been implemented? Thanks, J
  6. Hello, Sorry if this is a very newbie question but is it possible to customise the information that appears on the cards in the Projects overview? For example, for us at the moment it's: Project name Project code Start date End date Workflow schema Status But ideally instead of "Status" it would be more useful for us to have "Managers". Is this something that's possible? Thanks in advance,
  7. Hello! Can I please get an invite to this super cool Slack channel? julia@bomperstudio.com Thanks!
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