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task status change in version view buggy


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ftrack provides in the version view to change the status of the version and of the related task.

By changing the status of the version ftrack is saving the new status

By changing the ststus in the same view of the task status, ftrack is first saving it and then re switching to the old status.

In the Activities of the task the last activity is the change of the status, but there is no info from ftrack that he change the status back.

e.g. I have on activities the new status changed to "Client Approved" and the status still (again) on "Sent to client"

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Yes, we have. But as I understand the event system from ftrack, the event is emitted after the change has been done. This means it should appear in the activities.
E.g. the activity of our "ftrack" user which is changing the status back if the user is not allowed.

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