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Found 10 results

  1. Hey there, and our journey continues.. during the setup of a project, we want the api to automatically create milestones which have the desired assignees and status. We found out how to create milestones and set assignees, by looking at the properties, that get set, when creating a milestone via the web-interface. But with the status, this approach doesn't work for us.. Does a status-object need a state-object to be set? And for connecting it to a milestone, do we need to add the milestone as a task to its tasks-list? Or is there a simpler way to set a
  2. ftrack provides in the version view to change the status of the version and of the related task. By changing the status of the version ftrack is saving the new status By changing the ststus in the same view of the task status, ftrack is first saving it and then re switching to the old status. In the Activities of the task the last activity is the change of the status, but there is no info from ftrack that he change the status back. e.g. I have on activities the new status changed to "Client Approved" and the status still (again) on "Sent to client"
  3. Greetings from Post-production facility in NYC. 40+ operators/machines and several rooms. Querying a view that allegedly should be functional between the two views. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if there is a reason why we are allowed to create types, asset types, statuses, etc using an existing name. Isn't it confusing to have this enabled? Cheers!
  5. Hi, I am trying to add a new task status called To be perfected, for tasks that, you've guessed it, could be perfected at the end of a project if we do have remaining time. I have created the status and ordered it correctly (see first attached image). I then added it to one of our schema, and it seems to be OK (see second attached image). But on one of the other schema, I can get this status to be at its supposed place. It always comes after the Completed status, (see third attached image). I have tried to remove those two status, then add them anew in the order I wa
  6. When I upload an asset, such as a video, to a task, the status automatically changes from "Not Started" to "In Progress." Is there a setting that allows me to change the new status to something else, such as a custom status? I've been combing through the workflow documentation, but I can't seem to find anything applicable. Thanks! Joshua Krause
  7. Hi, From an event listener I can see when a status is changed, but there's not context (that I'm aware of) on what type of entity it was changed on. Is there a way to find out what entity type (task, version, shot, etc) that status was changed on? Thanks! -Mark
  8. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there's a way to set shot statuses to automatically change to Done (or whatever the status for completion is) when all its tasks' statuses have been changed to Done? Thanks!
  9. I need some help with expressions, they honestly have confused me a bit. I've been trying to input an expression on the Shot Status column and have not gotten it figured out. The help doesn't fully explain them to an understandable point for my brain. I'm not programming inept either, I code in Javascript all the time. The syntax is what's throwing me here. Ideally I would like to have a shot count of certain status's at the top of the column, something like... "WIP: 25 / Notes: 10 / Waiting: 14" I tried something like this earlier and was getting 1 and "Passed" for the expression syntax
  10. Nothing vital to anyone's workflow or anything, just a cosmetic annoyance. On the Status not done (advanced) widget I am noticing that the overlay covers the task type names if the remaining tasks are near or at 0.
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