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  1. please add me too! tobyangwin@bluepost.com.au
  2. Hi Lorenzo, I would definitely try doing this. Is there a tutorial on creating an ftrack structure plugin anywhere? Cheers, Toby
  3. Hi, We are using an un-managed storage scenario as we are starting to roll out ftrack across our facility and have an existing folder structure that can't easily be changed. We usually do a high volume of shots so I really want to be able to name shots and assign tasks from nuke studio. Now the day we had a support zoom with ftrack and changed from our testing centralised storage back to the automatic unmanaged storage, Nuke Studio seemed to work from connect and I was able to do what I want but now when I try to launch Nuke Studio from connect I get this error: "ftrack.unmanaged" is an i
  4. +1 for Flame Integration. I have 4 flame ops here complaining that I have nice integration in Nuke and they have to do everything manually ;)
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