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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to use nuke studio to prep plates and various assets. I though I could use the ftrack plugin to publish all these assets into our ftrack project but I have troubles writing a custom template. it seems the only data against I can run an expression is the shot name on the timeline, is this correct ? Is there any way to get sequence/shot/version from anywhere else (clip name or media file path would be great) ? Thanks in advance, Jerome
  2. Hello Guys, i am just wondering if there is any possibility to override those context templates by the new api using hook located on a FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH instead of rewriting your default context templates delivered in connect package. I just tried something like this but it doesn't work so far. Thank you ! import ftrack_api import ftrack_api.event.base def get_sample_context_template(event): '''Return context templates for Nuke Studio.''' # Define tag regular expressions. return [{ 'name': 'Sample Shot', 'description': ( 'Match name before and after dash. ' 'Example: ch01_dragon_0010 will be matched as sequence with name ' 'ch01 and a shot named ch01_dragon_0010.' ), 'expression': '' }] def register(session, **kw): '''Register plugin.''' # Validate that session is an instance of ftrack_api.Session. If not, # assume that register is being called from an incompatible API # and return without doing anything. if not isinstance(session, ftrack_api.Session): # Exit to avoid registering this plugin again. return session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.connect.nuke-studio.get-context-templates',get_sample_context_template)