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  1. Hi, We've been using Ftrack for a long time now. Did around 800+ projects using it. There is one thing that would make my scheduling a lot easier is the ability for the task not only to have START and END date, but also breaks in the timeline. It is quite often that I have 3 weeks in my schedule for compositing certain shot or scene. So I setup my "start" and "end" date. Knowing the actual time needed to do it is shorter I also place an amount of budgeted days. I would love to have an ability to put gaps in the task so the system would allow me / or at least warn me if I make the gap to big. The thing is that I still want it to be 1 task - just with gaps in the overview . That would make the overview so much more useful in showing at first glance how occupied are people on certain days. Now I have 4-5 tasks one over the other. It is hard to visually comprehend when the work is actually done if you are not very deeply invested into the project.
  2. HI, Is there a way to give standard users access to Overview panel, but just on read-only level ? I want the managers to have ability to change and move tasks, but not standard user.
  3. Get me on the action - pawel@televisor.pl, thanks
  4. #bump Is there any way of doing a multiple delete without going through API ?
  5. HI, I have to say that I'm struggling a lot with implementing use of review option inside our studio for Supervisors and for clients as well. Let me first explain a bit how we work at our studio so you get better understanding of my problems. 90% of our workload is TVC. Timeframe for such projects range from 2 days to 3 months, but usually it is around a week to 10 days. Depending on the complexity I divide a commercial on shot and add tasks to those shots. If the project is very simple and done by 1 or 2 people, I usually just add tasks like Compositing, 3d to the root of the project. So my project structure goes from very simple to a complex one with many commercials in a project and a lot of ppl doing it at the same time. Problem starts when I want to review a commercial. Usually there is 1 main online / comp guy that gathers all assets from different shots, puts that into edit and outputs entire commercial at current state. So he uploads the mov file into his task that is one of many. When I review that movie and add notes - all notes land into just that one task, and all other people don't have any idea about them. What would be good is to have an option of each note to redirect it to some other task within the project. 2nd thing is about client review - Our producers use it to gather client feedback on at the end of offline presentation - they upload the movie and do it live with the client on the side. Thing is that since offline is first part of the project quite often you don't have a project structure created by supervisor ( since we don't know exactly whats the brief ). That means that all the feedback and notes cannot be published into ftrack tasks - This is where the "redirect" option would be awesome. Without it our producers have to do it 2-3 times - one for the client, and then later on after the structure is created. Another thing is to be able to change the order of the notes that are added - Sometimes we jump from shot 1 to 9 in notes, then get back and write notes for shot no 2. That way they are not chronological based on edit. That is very hard for our clients to digest, and it would be easier for our artist to dig into if our producers had an option to change the order to correct one.
  6. Flint

    few magament questions

    Thanks Mattias - that solved one problem. Kinda got formatting problems - can I change font size somehow ?
  7. Flint

    few magament questions

    Thanks mate, that helps with few of my problems Now I have to figure all that out - we never used any scripting with ftrack.
  8. HI, I've got a problem with some logical usage of ftrack in commercial workflow. Maybe you guys can help me out with that. I cant find a way to do that. Since we do mostly tv commercials - the lifespan of a project is from 3 days to 2-3 months. Sometimes there is just 1 artist needed, other bigger projects require 10+ users. So in easy project I do not divide 1 commercial into more than 1 task - for example ONLINE/COMPOSITING. That is easy to manage, even if we got 2-3 edits in one project I go very small hierarchy. Then when part of the work is finished they guy uploads a video for review under /PROJECT/SEQUENCE/TASK - fe 333_commercial/30s_01/compositing - that is all good. But ... when it comes to a harder project we divide shots on 1 task per shot or even deeper. So there are 5 or more people working on 1 project at the same time. But ... Not all of them create review files since they are working on parts of the image. 1 of them is doing main comp, most of the time the same guy that does the comp for every other shot, and creates WIP version of entire commercial. So the review movie is only in 1 of the tasks for the entire project sequence. The problem is when I review in ftrack review all notes goes only into that one task. How can I propagate the notes - make each note go to corresponding shot / task based only on 1 MOV in review. So the notes gets delivered to right people. It would be best to do it at the time of review - just have an option to override the task target for each note. Another thing that is making me wonder - is there a way to create a default thumbnails based on category of task or name of such task. Is there a way to automatically propagate a thumbnail from shot level to all the tasks that are bellow in hierarchy ? Is there a way to create PDF files from notes with thumbanils in one of the tasks ? I tried to create a task view that will work like that, but could not - only saw 1 note for a task selected. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I was soo hyped about client review, and the update came in the perfect time - we are doing a big set of commercials for Sydney based agency, when we are in Poland, and the director is currently in NYC, so I have to read and compare notes from different places and put into ftrack. I've created basic Client review for testing - send out invitation to my studio staff to check how things work. Everything worked good on my macbook with chrome. The problems started with Safari and Firefox also on Macs. First of all with upgraded system on Safari there was no annotation tools available, and the page crashed every time we tried to make a note - it crashed and redirected to welcome page again and again. Same things in Firefox, but there we could use annotation. It worries me a lot. In order to prove it useful it has to be bulletproof when it comes to usage. I don't even want to start debugging every single computer of my clients from all over place. Are you guys aware of such things and what's the ETA to iron out stuff like that. regards Pawel Krzeminski
  10. Hi, Quite often I have a problem when it comes to review things. Most of my job advert post. So I have 10-30 shots per Sequence. I set up all the people to different tasks, they finish their work and all usually goes to 1 comp station to get everything in 1 sequence. So the final output is 1 qucktime for review, All previous stages are pure DPX sequences. Now here comes the problem for me. Since I'ts easier and a lot faster we never create 1 quicktime per shot, some people doing the job don't even have the tools to do that. So I upload 1 long QT and review it - the problem is that the notes are not going to correct tasks. Is there any way that I can move notes from 1 dummy task that I create - for example - REVIEW_DATE, to corresponding tasks with images done in review ? That would help a lot.
  11. First of I cant want to get my hands on new Ftrack version with client side review - finally KUDOS to you guys. This is so important. I'm counting hours on upgrades on my server. Now to a point. Are there any plans to implement any kind of multiple project functionality. Since there are 5 to 10 projects at the same time in my studio I have to take under consideration what is going on in them in order to use my resources the best I can. For example Schedule Task view with dates on more than one project. It would be great to have a option to go 1 step higher in hierarchy from a project to studio and see everything in relation to each other. I could than filter resources based on department and see all work in the studio. Or maybe be able to group projects and see them as 1 multi-project. I could do 1 big project and treat each sequence as a studio project - but that would make things weird and hard to manage.
  12. I have to say that I love planning view. It helps me control the mayhem in the studio There are few things that I would love to see in future upgrades. All of them have one thing in common. Ability to look at the bigger picture outside 1 project idea. Since I do around 5-10 TVC a month I need to mix/match people and use them as much as I can on many projects at the same time. - Option to share the view with normal users without option to change. - Ability to book time more precisely with better visual interpretation. Right now if I don't book for entire day it is hard to see that there is a booking at all. Adding hours in the day is a good idea. I would like to book someone from 10 to 2PM and be able to visually see it and be able to read it. It is also a great info for the guys working here. To know what is coming in all-time changing environment. - ability to place events - ability to place triggers / reminders on certain situations - for example double booking or booking that is exceeding standard working hours. - all as internal msg - ability to see the actual workload on the days. For example : I give compositing task that I've budgeted for 2 days work - 16h, but since I don't have a crazy deadline I give the task more time - in 5 days spread he has to do 2 days work - so hes not 100% busy for this timeframe. Those are just my initial ideas. Any chance of making them a reality ? thanks in advance Flint
  13. Hi, Mattias I'm afraid that is the case - project set to 'hidden' wont change the visibility of the task in that project. I will check it with support. thanks, Pawel
  14. Hi, I am trying to incorporate ftrack more and more into my postproduction studio. We have it for more than a year, yet we are still using very basic functionality. Few thing got me curious. When guys finish the job, project manager verifies the task as "completed", it lands on DONE part of "My Task" view for each user. After the project is finished I usually change the status of the project from "ACTIVE" to "Hidden". We are doing around 70-100 projects a year so it can get crowded on project task bar etc. This does not remove task from that project from "MY TASK" view - they are still visible, and they guys have a lot of them there. Is there a way to hide them without deleting the project itself ? Another thing - Is there a way to clean old hidden projects to save storage space ? I don't need the thumbnails etc for the finished project, I do need it for my statistics and review - for at least a year from finish. thanks in advance Pawel Krzeminski