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  1. Hi, regarding this page http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/backlog-scaling-ftrack-documentation-story/administering/managing_local_installation/server_requirements.html Ftrack runs well on Centos 6. Are also later versions of Centos supported? Thanks
  2. Thank you very much! Would be a great feature!
  3. Hi, is there a way to compare attributes with other attributes in a query? I want to add a query filter in a versions spreadsheet, where all versions are listed which status differs from the respective task version: something like: "status.name is not task.status.name" So I want to use the value from task.status.name as value for mat comparision. Is that possible in any way? Thanks
  4. Hi, it would be a great feature, if Ftrack would allow to display external data in the user interface. I am thinking about a similar mechanism like the "ftrack-location.request-resolve" event. Background: Data comes from different sources and we hold specific data already in other databases. (e.g. camera data, technical shot data, set data, timecodes etc.) We'd like to present the data to the artist, but we do not want to have redundant data by uploading it to ftrack as well. Currently we holding that data in the shot's metadata attribute, but we have to synchronize that data frequen
  5. Hi, is it possible to prevent specific user roles not to change the shot status? In the role permission settings I can only find "Can change status of task" and "Can change status of version". And is it also possible to give specific user roles the ability to assign tasks? Thanks Christian
  6. Thank you very much, Lucas! Regards, Christian
  7. Hi, I've got a technical question. I want to replace the AssetVersion's upload components via the API. So, when I have a AssetVersion object and call the encode_media(..) function, the components gets replaced by the new media. But my question is: what happens with the components which where associated to the AssetVersion before? Are they deleted automatically or are they still in the system without any reference? Do I need to delete them manually? Thanks Christian
  8. Hi, we are frequently missing a possibility so summarize shot attributes in the spreedsheet view. The "Functions" is only enabled for task attributes. But afaik, there is no possibility to summarize values from shot attributes. For example, we have a view and one column is "frame duration", a shot attribute. Now we need the sum of that value. Thanks Christian
  9. At the moment I am not able to reproduce the issue. Everything is working again. I'll keep you posted and send you a script as soon I have the problem again.
  10. Hi, I created some some costum attributes for a project (in this case of type boolean and text) and tried to set the values via the API, but when committing, I get the message: ftrack_api.exception.ServerError: Server reported error: AssertionError(Dependency rule tried to blank-out primary key column 'variable_value.entityid' on instance '<Variable_Value at 0x7f8e362ffe90>') But once I changed the values via the WebUI, then everything works also via the API from this time on. But only for this specific Shot. I already had this problem earlier, but it ha
  11. Hi! Thank you very much. Once committed, the custom attributes are available. So, I can take this limitation into account and everything works fine for me now. Thank you very much for your quick help!! Best
  12. Hi, I have defined some custom attributes for a specific project, but with the python_api, only the "all-project" attributes are available. e.g. shot = session.create("Shot", {"name":"Foo", "parent":sequence......}) print shot["custom_attributes"].keys() gives me only the attributes marked for "all projects". If I make my attribute available for all projects, everything is working fine and my attribute is also listed. I do not want to hold all attributes global, so how can I access the attributes which are only defined in a specific project? Than
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