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  1. Hello, It might be nice to have a choice over which frame gets exported as a thumbnail. There are many times when I would have liked to have a middle frame exported instead of the first frame. Ex.) We sometimes use our "ref edit" as a the uploaded BG plate - adding head to this will push the thumbnail frame into the preceding shot. Do you think this is possible? Thanks, -Jake
  2. Hi Lucas, I think this should do the trick for the most part. Thanks! -Jake
  3. Is this feature still on the road map?
  4. Hello, It would be great to multi select items in the task board so that multiple objects can be dragged between columns at one time. Is this something that can be easily implemented? Thanks, -Jake
  5. Hello, Does anyone have an easier way of clearing storage space other than through the web interface: System Settings - Advanced - Storage Usage. It appears that I have to delete items one by one? Are there any other methods? Thanks, -Jake
  6. Hello, Has this functionality been added yet? Would be really great to have - we use the client review quite a bit and would be very helpful to have this notification active. Thanks, -Jake
  7. Hello, Is it possible to create a collaborator group that we can use in client sessions? I often am sending to the same group of emails and it would be nice to be able to type in one entry for a given group of emails. Or perhaps have that entry automatically populate into individual emails? Thanks, -Jake
  8. Hello, Loving Ftrack so far. I've created shots via NukeStudio which inherit the clip metadata which is viewable in the "shot" info. Can this default metadata cascade to the tasks below? Thanks, -Jake
  9. Exciting to see all the great things coming from Ftrack. Any tentative date for the After Effects integration?
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