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Tracking in ftrack's Activities every ftrack entity change

Remus Avram

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We have asked for this also. It is essential to be able to track every change, especially in case bad data enters the system. With a proper audit model we would have a chance of getting back to a good state without losing data through a restore from older backup.

Note that even the API does not provide sufficient granularity at present and still uses old data types making it harder to relate to actual data.

We are also interested in there being a facility for giving the reason for a change - e.g. why the status was changed. A sort of special linked note / metadata attached to the change event.

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I would also like to able to easily access this type of data.

In an ideal world there would be a dashboard widget to display the status changes along with the date changed and this could be filtered to specific asset types. A stacked bar graph would be a bonus!

This information is massively useful for production staff to assess where there are time issues on turnaround of notes and reviews, in particular from clients ;)


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This is a big request for us too!  Main areas this would help for us are:

  1. Tracking who changed what status (if a mistake is made it makes it easier to look at what was changed)
  2. See when task statuses have been changed to be able to then report on approvals during a time frame.
  3. Reports in general
  4. Statistics on how the show is trending in different departments. 
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