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AssetBuild Custom Attributes


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Thanks for getting back to me.  My apologies, there 100% is a typo there. That's what I get for trying to make a minimal example quickly. 


The initial problem I was hitting is that when I try and set custom attributes on an asset build, I get the error: "'Custom attributes must be creted explicitly for the given entity type before being set.'"


ab["custom_attributes"]['category'] = category


I have scripts that have successfully set attributes this way in the past,  hence wondering if something had changed.


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Thanks for following up.

For future reference, the server version 3.5 requires ftrack-python-api 1.0.4 or higher. Version 1.0.3 will be unable to use custom attributes properly (what ionav experienced) and versions prior to 1.0.3 will fail to initialise the session with a ServerCompatibilityError. For more information, see the migration notes.

We are still polishing a few things before we will start to roll out ftrack 3.5 to hosted sites and will be in contact before then.

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