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Folders in Client review

Alberto GZ

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2 hours ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

Interesting idea! Do you have any thoughts on how the user would interact with the folders in client review? Would they jump into a folder and play clips only from that folder - or how would it work?

I'm thinking something like this, to avoid dismantle the current Client review interface adding a new frame with folder tree for example. May be also it could navigate from the path-bar to up folder level.


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Another idea could be use the right panel. I think this UI option is less intrusive with the current design.

Question is, which should be the first screen when client joins session?

Should have not difficult to find Comments area and navigate between options for the most people, but all we are know the "clients".

What do you think about it?  


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Interesting to see the different ideas and sketches. I agree, the second mockup seems less intrusive.. In any case I will add this to a feature request! 

It would also be interesting to hear from others if this is something that people want - and if so what they think about the suggest approaches.

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Yes, me too want to hear others users about it.

In our particular case, this request born from our way of structure for Client Reviews. 

We create one ClientReview session per Image or Shot, then client can see only versions for each image in each session. It is more clear for us that one Client Review session with a lot of images and its versions, all them in the bottom area.

But this have the cons the huge list of Client Reviews, so a lot the emails to the clients.

So this would be my purpose to organise versions from multiple shots in one Client Review session.

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Very interesting idea. 

Even though we've never really longed for something like it, I'm sure we'd start using it right away and it would be clearer for the client. Right now we're also sending multiple review sessions if they concern different things (for example one session for fx approvals and one for animation). With this feature we could be sending dailies (which we'd love) that would be organised inside for clarity. 

My approach would be more of a 'playlist' style, where we could set multiple playlist withing the review that could contain the same version if need be. 

Client could then choose a playlist inside the review, or show all versions. If 'show all' could be disabled, then it would work exactly as Alberto's request, but having the extra option for other cases. 

Just writing this down I can think of plethora options to use it. Mockup different cut versions with scrambled shots or different shot versions (that would of course need the sequence play in client review ;) ) and so on..


Long story short: I love the idea

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This is a good idea that we are also looking forward to use.

Here is a current use case we are facing : we are working on a show that contains several episodes, and we are working on different episodes simultaneously.  When creating a client review that contains shots from different episodes, we would like to be able to group those shoots depending on the episode they belong to.

Right now, we can instead create a client review for each episode, but as AlbertoGz said, this would lead to a huge list of client review thus a huge number of associated mails.

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Also voting for folders in client review sessions. It would help enormously organizing larger amounts of materials to look at.
Actually got the request several times from our production managers who work with clients on an almost daily basis.

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