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daemon for the Ftrack event plugins

Remus Avram

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Hi all,

is there any daemon running on the server site that we can register our custom event plugins?

Which is the best practice in Ftrack to run event plugins (python scripts) on the server site?

For example, we would like to run this event plugin https://bitbucket.org/snippets/ftrack/LEx77/restrict-task-status-updates-event on the server site and have an automatic check if the plugin is still running.

Is it possible?



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Hi Remus,

There isn't any process or daemon that we provide out-of-the-box to do this. We usually suggest people using e.g. supervisord when doing this centralised. The idea of running supervisord is that it will make sure that the action or event listener gets restarted if there is an exception or something else that kills the python process.

I also think there is a community driven project that has been linked on this forum to simplify and centralise actions.

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