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Rich Text in Notes


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Rich text in Notes would be very helpful.


Appart from font formatting, rich text should include:


- Images (with annotations if possible).

The Reviews system makes sense when you're working on shots because the image in review is the image one wants to comment.
But when evaluating Asset Builds one might want to clarify a specific problem and quickly post printscreen of a detail of the model/rig/shading/...
One model version might have several retakes where each one needs a specific screenshot with annotations.

- Clickable HyperLinks

In order to point out a reference found on the net 

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Rich text formatting in notes is on the roadmap and should be implemented in the near future.


In ftrack 2.0, you can attach images and other files by pressing the attachment button or by simply dragging a file from your computer and dropping it on the note form.

Clickable hyperlinks works as well, if you enter a URL in the note body it will be rendered as a link after you submit the note. (bonus feature: this also works for other protocols such as rvlink: or mailto:, so you can link to a program or an email address, for example :-)

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I must say that I'm all for it but I'm not too fond about the idea of allowing font selection in notes. Also file linking should be somehow limited to try to enforce a standard approach, otherwise people get really creative and things become unpredictable.

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There isn't any date set for this feature yet, but it is something we want to do as soon as possible.


The current plan is not to allow everything, but rather a limited set.

We were thinking of implementing support for markdown, coupled with a few buttons to insert lists, make text bold, etc..

This way all users get some basic text formatting, and power users can use markdown syntax for more advanced formatting.


From my experience a full WYSIWYG-editor usually ends up in a mess of colors & fonts when users copy-and-paste text from Word or other web pages.


What do you think?

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