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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Guys, Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it, but is there a way to get a notification when a client is finished with a review session. Currently I have to keep checking the review session and click on 'Transfer Feedback'. It would be great if there is an automatic way of alerting an admin of new client notes. Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to upload media for auto encoding by ftrack via the api?
  3. Hi, It looks like the API doesn't support getting the typeids for Phase objects. Is there a workaround for this? Might it be implemented in future? It would be very useful. Thanks! Kat
  4. Hi! when I'm reviewing shots, I'm using a filter on the spreadsheet to show all tasks whose status is "pending review". Now, when I change the status of a task to something else and click save, the task remains in the spreadsheet. I need to reload the whole browser window to update the list. Would it be possible to automatically refresh that list? I can imagine situations where it might not be useful to make items disappear... so maybe there could be a tiny reload icon next to the save button that would trigger a faster refresh than reloading the browser window? cheers Stefan
  5. Now one can filter on one type only. It would be great to be able to filter on multiple tasks (flag more than one checkbox flagged). Eg Filter on - Modeling and LookDev - Layout and Animation - Lighting , VFX and Comping - ...
  6. The "Import" feature in the Projects page works really great, specially in conjunction with Task Templates. But I've noticed we can map columns to Sequences, Shots and Tasks, not to Asset Builds. I would ask for a way to import Asset Builds as well. Imagine there's a lot of assets to be created, if users could just paste a list of asset names, like: Bob, Character; Gun, Prop; Bedroom, Set; and so on.. It would save a lot of clicks on the system. Or is there another way to create a bunch of Asset Builds at the same time? Thanks, Giovani.
  7. Maybe I am missing something in the settings, but is there a way to display padded versions in ftrack? The current deault is v1 whereas we are more prone to use v001. It's a minor complaint that we can work around, but I feel there is probably a way to change this. Thanks for all your help, -JV
  8. Hi, In "My Task" it would be great to have the option to put in more columns. As per now we have "available task, task not started, task in progress, Task done" We would really like to have a collumn for "Task pending review" so we can have more visual control in "my task". Thanks, Aleksander
  9. Rich text in Notes would be very helpful. Appart from font formatting, rich text should include: - Images (with annotations if possible). The Reviews system makes sense when you're working on shots because the image in review is the image one wants to comment. But when evaluating Asset Builds one might want to clarify a specific problem and quickly post printscreen of a detail of the model/rig/shading/... One model version might have several retakes where each one needs a specific screenshot with annotations. - Clickable HyperLinks In order to point out a reference found on the net
  10. It would be great if you could add custom functionality to the interface. Functionality could be added by users and shared with the FTrack community Query selected Items, add commands to contexts/buttons/. Could start with a simple python script editor implementation and grow from there. Example commands - Parent selected - Cleanup tasks : unassigned to resource / with 0 bid /
  11. This is very important when considering auto Episode/Sq/Sh generation! episode.createSequence() function doesn't exist while episode.createShot() does. This small inconsistency is probably quickly fixed.You cant create Sequences in Episodes out of the box (with the API) Can't do this with the reparenting workaround either project = ftrack.getProject(projectName) ep = project.getEpisodes()[0] # a valid episode epId = ep.getId() sqParent = project.createSequence(sqName) sqParent.set('parent_id',epId) # Error: # Traceback (most recent call last): ... # ProtocolError: <ProtocolError fo
  12. Let's say we add a note on a task nested inside eg. an Assetbuild 'Sometimes' (?) the note is not visible in notes when clicking the task. You need to press F5 before the note shows up
  13. Expand/Collapse Selected items would be a great help
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