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  1. Hi Mattias, Any news on that accessor? Cheers, diogo
  2. Thanks Mattias! I'll look into it. Cheers!
  3. Hi, The new project Task board (Beta) is great, congrats guys! I'm really enjoying having a kanban style board in context of what you want to look, great for episodic projects. But I would love to see support for "views" just like in the spreadsheet. That way we could for instance filter all columns by a single or specific types of tasks. Currently you have to set one by one which is Ok but becomes tedious to do every time you want to focus on one department or type of task. Another thing that would be awesome to have is the ability to set user privileges for each column, that way stan
  4. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't believe this is possible.
  5. Great to hear that Fredrik! Looking forward to 2.3v3 or 2.4v1
  6. Great to hear that Fredrik! Cheers, Diogo
  7. +1 to everything Sauce and Henrik said. Nothing much to add at this point except that this is a must feature since creating users with minimal privileges usually is not an option or even desirable.
  8. I was about to send an email to support asking for the exact same thing. Currently what I've ended up doing as a workaround, was to create a "Done" status and put it's order before the "Approved" one. So when artists drop a task to the "Done" column their status on the list change to "Done" and not "Approved". You probably could do the same thing by changing the correspondence of the "Pending Review" status to "Done" and then put it's order to before the "Approved" one there. But this messes with the dashboard stuff and project progress fields since tasks set "Pending Review" (or Done in m
  9. It would be great if Ftrack would allow us to customise the mail notifications from top to bottom. Currently it's near to impossible to keep the notifications you get in your inbox in context of other messages for a project coming from elsewhere trough filtering. [HOST] Would yield a the first component of the ftrack host. This would be useful for people present in multiple ftrack instances from different companies. [PROJECT SHORTNAME] This would allow messages to be filtered and labeled inside mail applications along messages coming from elsewhere in the company that follow a standard.
  10. This would rock and be a huge differential for Ftrack.
  11. Great to hear that! I'm also not a big fan of the save button.
  12. I vote for keeping it simple. There are thousands of other things that I would like to see implemented first
  13. Great! Glad it makes sense and that you guys were already discussing that. Thanks a lot Fredrik. Cheers, Diogo
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