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How to know if a version exists in Client Reviews

Byron Nash

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In the versions page, I see an attribute for 'lists' which shows a link to the list that a version exists in. Is the same thing possible for client reviews? I need a way to tell if a version has been included in a review or not. Sometimes we can't tell or not without laboriously looking through all the client review lists.

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Hi Byron,

ftrack doesn't currently have an attribute that would list Reviews in the same way lists can be displayed in the spreadsheet. I'll submit this as a feature request on your behalf with our product team.

In the short term this could be worked around using a custom attribute and some triggers if you have some pipeline engineers that can design and implement this kind of solution.

You could also build a query filter that would list any versions linked to a particular set of reviews. Depending on the case though, this may not be more efficient that looking at individual reviews:

review_session_objects.review_session.name = 'Some Review Name'


review_session_objects.review_session.name in ('First Review', 'Second Review')
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Hi Byron, 

Thanks for the update there, we're in total agreement there that it needs to be easier to show if a version is part of a client review, not just the internal list. We've scoped out a request with our team internally for this.

If you need any further help with this don't hesitate to give us a shout. 



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