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Found 6 results

  1. I was wondering if there is a way to delete multiple playlists at once. Currently we have to go through one by one which is very time consuming and tedious. Any chance something can be set up to highlight a bunch of playlist and delete them at the same time? Thanks, Luigi
  2. When trying to run an action on the "Lists" there is no connection to ftrack connect On the library level, on the library folder level and the list level.
  3. Hi, I think that lists spreadsheet have a refresh problem. I have been able to reproduce the following steps each time I have added an item to a list. First step : here is an existing list. Second step : I have added Shoot 1.1 to this list. The spreadsheet's appearance did not changed. Third step : here is the same list after a manuel refresh using the Refresh spreadsheet manually button. Shoot 1.1 is now visible on the list spreadsheet, but it is not on the sidebar. Fourth step : here is the same list after a browser refresh of the Ftrack tab. Shoot 1.1 is now visible on the sidebar There is an exactly similar issue when removing a shot from a list, which can be reproduced with the same steps. By the way, is this the right part to the forum to report such a thing, or is there a better place to create bug reports?
  4. Hi, As our project grows, we tend to accumulate lists for our dailies and deliveries... I would like to move some old list in "archive" folder but I can't find a way to do this on a selection of list. It seems I can only do this one item at a time, is there a workaround for this (without using the API) ? Thanks in advance, Jerome
  5. I am currently trying to add a shot to a list and only one of the lists is showing. I have two available. The shot does not already exist on the list either.
  6. I would like to see a simple indicator in the "Shots/Asset Build" on each shot showing the list it is located in. It would help when adding a shot after the the initial create from selection takes place. Toggling between the list and then back to the shot view to see which one is missing is very cumbersome and slow. Thanks.