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Get all latest playblasts from shots with asset X


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We would like to be able to filter all latest versions of type "X" (e.g. a released playblast) that have a task "Y" (e.g. animation) and are linked to my current selection "Z" (e.g. a character in my asset library)

We need to be able to query it though the browser UI of ftrack, without any line of code or a developer for it.

e.g.: Show me the latest playblasts from the animation dept linked to my selected character

The interface should filter the list accordingly.

a simple query like:

task.type.name="Animation" AND asset.parent.incoming_link.from = MY_SELECTION_LEFT

or something like this:


task.type.name is "Animation" AND task.parent.link.name is 'charactername'


Would this be possible?

If not, how long would it take that to implement this request?




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