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Found 5 results

  1. Ozen

    Asset count by Shot

    Hey Guys, I want to get a count of the number of characters per shot. I know I can manually count this, but is there a way of viewing all links by shot or exporting that data? I know I can view all the shots a specific character is in or which shots contain a specific character, but I can't see all the shots and all the characters in them. Thank you!
  2. Hey ftrack, It would be really awesome to have an asset/element library for 2D and 3D assets built right in to ftrack. Seems like the underlying structure for this could borrow a lot from how projects already work and with the new workflows feature, it seems totally possible for a user like myself to use the project structure to cobble something like this together. BUT, I think if it were implemented as a separate feature, theres so much you guys could do with the interface. I imagine that there would be a unique link for it in the main navigation bar right next to "My Tasks" so that everyone on ftrack would have access to it. The interface would allow you to filter and naviagte thru different categories of 2D elements (smoke, fire, muzzle flashes, etc) or 3D assets (props, vehicles, charactes, etc). Each one could either have a thumbnail or a small quicktime that would play when you hover over it ( like for example). Futhermore, would be great to then build some intergration into nuke/maya so that you could download/import assets from thier location right into your script/scene. -ak
  3. Hello, Is there a way I could export the links for a shot or for an asset? Example: If I have a shot that uses assets x, y and z I would like to be able to export that full list for that shot. And the same for a specific asset and be able to export all shots that one asset is in. Thank you
  4. Hi, We would like to be able to filter all latest versions of type "X" (e.g. a released playblast) that have a task "Y" (e.g. animation) and are linked to my current selection "Z" (e.g. a character in my asset library) We need to be able to query it though the browser UI of ftrack, without any line of code or a developer for it. e.g.: Show me the latest playblasts from the animation dept linked to my selected character The interface should filter the list accordingly. a simple query like:"Animation" AND asset.parent.incoming_link.from = MY_SELECTION_LEFT or something like this: is "Animation" AND is 'charactername' Would this be possible? If not, how long would it take that to implement this request? Best, Luigi
  5. Hi! For a feature film project with 3D environments, we would like to track the status of our 3D assets in Ftrack. Because of the massive sets (cities and forests), we would like to split our 3D environments into smaller blocks. Buildings will be modelled seperate and afterwards imported into the scene of the city for example. I've done some testing but it is does not seem possible to add sub assets in assets in Ftrack. What you would like is that all buildings from city01 are sub assets from the main asset (city01). Eg: CITY01 (asset) - BUILDING1 (sub asset) - BUILDING2 (sub asset) Any ideas to work around this? Thanks in advance! Niels.