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Thumbnail from uploaded video (version)


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Hi Guys,


I wanted to suggest a very simple solution to the creation of thumbnails for tasks or shots. It would save us lots of time fussing about.


When I upload a new video for a shot or task, it would be great to be able to save a particular frame as the thumbnail. An example would be to be able to right click in the preview window and select 'set frame as thumbnail'.


Does that make sense?

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Hi Robert,


Thank you for your suggestion.


It definitely make sense and it might seem simple, but it will actually technically mean quite some work. It would be easy to copy the version thumbnail over to the shot or task, but to offer the possibility to select a particular frame would be more advanced.


For what reason do you want to save a particular frame? Do you have a slate frame as your first frame that is automatically selected at the moment?



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