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Found 6 results

  1. guiramalho


    When I export shots from an sliced clip or a sequence, all the shots gets the same thumbnail.... I just found this comment in the about the thumbnail... # TODO: pick frame from mid length clip or cut Having the right thumbnail is crucial ! Any clue how to fix this ?
  2. Hello Ftrack Community, - Let's say I have an Asset Build Folder for Character 1. - Inside it I have a task Modeling. - When I upload a new version of the task Modeling, I would like that the version's thumbnail replace the thumbnail of the task (Modeling) and the root folder (Character 1). Is there a way to allow Ftrack to do this automaticaly?
  3. Is there a way to programmatically update a user's profile picture? Can I (mass) upload user profile pictures via the Users section in the System Settings? I found the information from an individual uploading their profile picture: But I haven't seen any docs on this anywhere else.
  4. Hi Guys, I wanted to suggest a very simple solution to the creation of thumbnails for tasks or shots. It would save us lots of time fussing about. When I upload a new video for a shot or task, it would be great to be able to save a particular frame as the thumbnail. An example would be to be able to right click in the preview window and select 'set frame as thumbnail'. Does that make sense?
  5. Hello, It might be nice to have a choice over which frame gets exported as a thumbnail. There are many times when I would have liked to have a middle frame exported instead of the first frame. Ex.) We sometimes use our "ref edit" as a the uploaded BG plate - adding head to this will push the thumbnail frame into the preceding shot. Do you think this is possible? Thanks, -Jake
  6. HI, I've got a problem with some logical usage of ftrack in commercial workflow. Maybe you guys can help me out with that. I cant find a way to do that. Since we do mostly tv commercials - the lifespan of a project is from 3 days to 2-3 months. Sometimes there is just 1 artist needed, other bigger projects require 10+ users. So in easy project I do not divide 1 commercial into more than 1 task - for example ONLINE/COMPOSITING. That is easy to manage, even if we got 2-3 edits in one project I go very small hierarchy. Then when part of the work is finished they guy uploads a video for review under /PROJECT/SEQUENCE/TASK - fe 333_commercial/30s_01/compositing - that is all good. But ... when it comes to a harder project we divide shots on 1 task per shot or even deeper. So there are 5 or more people working on 1 project at the same time. But ... Not all of them create review files since they are working on parts of the image. 1 of them is doing main comp, most of the time the same guy that does the comp for every other shot, and creates WIP version of entire commercial. So the review movie is only in 1 of the tasks for the entire project sequence. The problem is when I review in ftrack review all notes goes only into that one task. How can I propagate the notes - make each note go to corresponding shot / task based only on 1 MOV in review. So the notes gets delivered to right people. It would be best to do it at the time of review - just have an option to override the task target for each note. Another thing that is making me wonder - is there a way to create a default thumbnails based on category of task or name of such task. Is there a way to automatically propagate a thumbnail from shot level to all the tasks that are bellow in hierarchy ? Is there a way to create PDF files from notes with thumbanils in one of the tasks ? I tried to create a task view that will work like that, but could not - only saw 1 note for a task selected. Thanks in advance