3dsmax 2017 startup error
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I've just tried launching max 2017 for the first time with the new ftrack connect action.

However when it starts I get the following error:

-- Error occurred in anonymous codeblock; filename: C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\resource\ftrack_connect_3dsmax\scripts\startup\initftrack.ms; position: 99; line: 3
-- MAXScript Auto-load Script Error - C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\resource\ftrack_connect_3dsmax\scripts\startup\initftrack.ms Exception:
-- Compile error: Can't find include file:  ftrackassethelper.ms
--  In line: include "ftrackassethelper.ms"


Is anyone else getting this, I presume this is probably unique to me for some reason i'll have to investigate.




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Hi Mattias

I haven't as yet, partly because it not a pressing issue for us right now. It will require more of my time to investigate.

If I do the investigation and don't get anywhere I will open a ticket. I figured that because nobody's seen this before, It probably is linked in someway to our setup, but unfortunately I've inherited a lot of legacy startup code and set up of max which I know little about, so its potentially a rather large investigation. I'll have to start with a vanilla install of max and go from there.


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Hi Philip,

I maybe know what is it. Could you do a quick test to confirm?

In your connect install folder, inside the resource/hook folder,

can you edit the ftrack_connect_3dsmax_hook.py file?

in line 190, replace 'Path' by 'PATH' and save the file.


            'Path',  ---> 'PATH'

If you close connect and relaunch it, can you start Max?


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